The Old United States is Dead, and a New Union Needs to be Conceived

The time has come for Republicans to see that the Union that was formed in 1776 is dying, whether they are willing or not, and do their duty to God to preserve western civilization, individualism, freedom in a new union

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 21, 2020

The Old United States is Dead, and a New Union Needs to be Conceived

Acountry which destroys its past has no future. So make no mistake, the country in which many of you were born no longer exists.

When the first statue of Lee came down it became inevitable that the last statue of Washington would come down. Now statues of Washington are coming down, one was just destroyed in Portland, Oregon. In San Francisco a statue of Ulysses S. Grant was destroyed. That should make it clear that it is not about Lee or the Confederacy. BLM, Antifa and the Democrat party are out to destroy every shred of the American past and every American value, in a purge whose scope is beyond anything even Mao and Stalin ever conceived of.  They have succeeded in destroying the United States formed in 1776. A new union needs to be formed.

The Sodom and Gomorrah of New York City has no place in an American union

The New York City Council has demanded that a statue of Thomas Jefferson be removed. Jefferson, by the way wrote the Declaration of Independence and was responsible for the Bill of Rights. His mind produced the documents which created  America, and upon which freedom in the United States was based. But the totalitarian Marxists in charge of New York City despise the United States and despise freedom.

Chirlane McCray, the radical extremist wife of New York City’s communist mayor will head the “Commission on Racial Justice and Reconciliation”(they channeled Orwell to get the name) to decide which statues will survive and which will be removed. There is little doubt where statues of the white male slave owning oppressors of the masses George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are ending up.

The Sodom and Gomorrah of New York City has no place in an American union. It is a Stalinist ruled cancer, and as worthless as its property values now are.

Hollywood, Academia and the Mainstream Media conspired to destroy the moral values which were the foundation of American freedom. They rotted out the greatest nation the world ever saw.

In 2011,  I wrote an article for a now defunct conservative online site on how current humanists betrayed the principles of humanism. In it I wrote: “Fifty years from now a second holocaust will have already occurred, and all of humanity’s great literature, science and art will have been incinerated. And humanists will have been among those who provided kindling and who made sure any would-be firefighters were branded hate criminals.”  The only thing I was wrong on is the fifty year time period was much too optimistic.

National Public Radio (NPR) stated that you must begin “decolonizing your bookshelf” by removing the works of white authors. Start the book burning fires.

Of course it is not just in the United States that has ended. In the former Great Britain, statues of Winston Churchill, only the greatest man of the twentieth century, are vandalized. Like Lee, Washington, Jefferson, on this side of the pond, I hear tell he was once a hero when that nation existed.

Gone with the Wind, Gettysburg

And talking of humanists who provide the kindling for the burning of western civilization, the curator of the Royston and District Museum in Hertfordshire wrote that Winston Churchill was a racist and provided expert instructions on how to destroy a statue. writing “From an art conservation perspective, its honestly fine to throw paint on memorials on genocidal racists! Paint is pretty easy to clean off. What would be an absolute shame is if people were to throw certain  household items that can cause irreversible bronze disease.”

For almost 80 years since its 1939 release, Gone with the Wind had been hailed as one of the greatest films ever made. There was a time before movies were streaming online, before even video cassettes, and around 1965 that I saw Gone with the Wind in a regular movie theatre, cartoon before and with an intermission. A quarter century after its release, it was still being shown in first run theatres!

As late as 2008, the cultural elitist and uber correct American Film Institute ranked it sixth greatest movie of all time, down from the number four spot ten years earlier. But even before the Floyd incident provided the excuse for the violent overthrow of America and American values, it was clear that the days of Gone with the Wind being shown were numbered. In 2012,  Sight and Sound ranked Gone with the Wind at 235, behind scores of obscure foreign and art house films. By 2017 Gone with the Wind was routinely pulled from showings at revival houses.

In 2018,  I wrote for American Thinker “Gone With the Wind, for decades after its release the all-time box office champion, would never be green lighted today, and not just because its hero is a Confederate.” But then I would not have believed that by 2020 leftists would have succeeded in destroying the US economy, unleashing armed insurrection with the cooperation of the Democrat party, and that Gone with the Wind would be pulled from broadcast. After HBO Max pulled the movie, it led to record sales of it on disk. People knew it was just a matter of time until its sales would be banned.

Ronald Maxwell directed the films Gettysburg (1993) and Gods and Generals (2003), based on the Civil War historical novels The Killer Angels and Gods and Generals respectively. I thought Gettysburg to be scrupulously fair to both sides of the conflict and a masterpiece marred only by an over four hour running time. Gods and Generals elicited criticism. By 2003 it became “controversial” to be scrupulously fair to the Confederacy, or indeed to the United States. If either movie is still shown on any cable station it certainly will not be for long.

New York City, burnt, looted, shut down, devoid of culture or a free economy

Mr. Maxwell was moved by the criticism to write “When the Soviets took power in Russia, one of the first things they did was to open reeducation camps for adults and brave new schools for children. In these schools Russians were taught to hate their past, to reject their parents, to condemn and even to forget their history. Orthodox Priests, university professors, artists, writers, historians—these were among the first people executed by firing squads. The new leadership was going to rewrite history to prepare Russia for the new Soviet man. In the 1960s, during the Cultural Revolution, China endured a similar convulsion.”

New York State’s esteemed governor Andrew Cuomo as far back as 2014 said “extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York.”  Other than in front of the firing squads Mr. Maxwell reminds us, are part and parcel of “progressive” regimes.

New York City, burnt, looted, shut down, devoid of culture or a free economy, a place where Jews are not allowed to mourn their dead because of the “planned”-demic, but tens of thousands can “demonstrate” cheek to jowl, has nothing positive to contribute to an American Union. Neither does Seattle (now CHOP), Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, ad infinitum.  The reeducation camps and death camps, the firing squads, are coming to these places. It is time for a Union that does not include them. That is the only chance for capitalism, freedom, virtue to survive anywhere in America

James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart was once a hero all across the United States, and acclaimed as one of the greatest cavalry generals ever. His battle flag, sewn by his wife, fetched almost a million dollars at auction. A highway and a tank were named after him. A school was named after him, renamed for Obama. Statues, now Talibanized, were erected in his honor. And believe it or not when I was a boy, there was a D.C. Comics series where his ghost aids American forces in WWII!

As Stuart lay on his death bed at only 31 years of age, mortally wounded in battle, President Jefferson Davis came to visit. Upon being asked how he felt, Stuart replied “Willing to die, if God and my country think I have fulfilled my destiny and done my duty.

The time has come for Republicans to see that the Union that was formed in 1776 is dying, whether they are willing or not, and do their duty to God to preserve western civilization, individualism, freedom in a new union.

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