How the Democrats are Well on Their Way To Stealing Election 2020

American voters, if the Democrats get their way and are able to use the Coronavirus and street mobs to impose their MAIL-IN-VOTE, it is you who will end up in prison—the soul-killing Democrat-manufactured prison called Marxism

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 28, 2020

How the Democrats are Well on Their Way To Stealing Election 2020

The fear mongering of laid bare: “In the midst of a deadly pandemic, no one should be forced to risk their life to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.”

The question should be how does know that “the deadly pandemic” will still be among us on Nov. 3, 2020?

Could it be that devious Democrats intend to steal the election through pandemic fear mongering as a means to get the MAIL-IN VOTE, spearheaded by Michelle Obama’s ”non-partisan” ‘When We All Vote’ the law of the land?

“Click here to see if you (sic) eligible to vote by mail in November.” (, June 27, 2020)

According to, “Trump is exploiting this global health emergency for partisan gain, making up stories about voter fraud and attacking the best, safest option for voters to engage during this challenging time—vote-by-mail.
“If your state does not yet allow you to vote by mail, you can sign up to receive election reminders and updates. Our partners at will let you know if the rules change in your state.”

This is what the same, then called was up to back in 2018 Midterm elections:

‘Warning to those who haven’t yet voted: You’ve been Democrat Harvested’, (Canada Free Press, Nov. 3, 2018)

“Warning to all Republican voters: Devious Democrats—who have harvested your emails—are now sending out 11th-hour pleas for you to vote Democrat in Tuesday elections.

“Warning to all of those who haven’t yet voted: You have been unknowingly HARVESTED by the Dirty Democrats, with a message that includes asking you to spy on your friends!

“This is not a joke, not Fake News,  but the blatant truth.

“On the last weekend before Election Day, this is what Blue Wave Voters are boldly telling you to do:

“Download the VoteWithMe app to see which of your friends are registered in crucial swing districts, and urge them to vote for (Sic) to see which of your friends are registered in crucial swing districts, and urge them to vote for Democrats.”

“Isn’t this like doing what they do, harvesting data through an app with a suggestion for you to spy on your friends?

“These Dems also seem to have an Election Day in with Lyft, Uber and Lime to get you to the polls:

“Do you need a ride to the polls on Tuesday, or know someone who does?

  • Lyft is offering 50% off on Election Day. Enter your zip code for the promo code.
  • Uber is offering $10 off a single ride to the polls on Election Day on the most affordable Uber option available in your city. Look for the Election Day code in your app on Election Day.
  • Lime is offering free rides in 100 cities on bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters. Download the app and use code LIME2VOTE18.”

Canada Free Press (CFP’s) first tipoff came from a reader who wrote to ask: “How did I get this? First one ever! “

“It’s because you’re being tracked, hunted and harvested by Democrats”, CFP IT guy Brian Thompson wrote back.

“Our IT guy discovered that added the reader to their list on Oct. 28, 2018, and since this reader does not have any social media accounts, advised him he could have been harvested in any number of ways, including by his having visited or surfed an Internet website, or even from having received a forwarded email from a contact or friend.

“The fact is that harvested his email address and threw him onto their ‘Get Out and Vote Democrat’ list.

“And if you think that’s bad, just wait until you download their app.

“The Dems are in a ‘Grab the Vote Panic Mode’ because they’ve noticed polls are showing key races for Governors, Senators and Representatives are in “dead heats”.

They are using the “dead heats” (like everything else) to blame President Donald Trump by outright accusing him of “unleashing racist hatred in a desperate and despicable campaign to save Republicans”.

“You can’t make this stuff up, unless that is, you’re a Democrat in an election panic.”

We all saw what happened in 2018 Midterms which saw Republicans losing control of the House to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

With Coronavirus, street mobs looting and burning down small businesses, many of them owned by minorities, theirs to exploit, the Democrats are out for control of the Senate and White House this November when they replace President Donald Trump with Joe Biden.

Devious, hell-bent-for-leather Democrats intend to keep people hiding from the pandemic in their homes, wearing masks when out on the streets—but most of all VOTING BY MAIL!


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