Canadian Liberals Picking Up Where Ghislaine Maxwell Left Off

Saving The Oceans:

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 12, 2020

Canadian Liberals Picking Up Where Ghislaine Maxwell Left Off
Cheered on by Greenpeace, Canada’s Liberal Government is picking up where Save the Oceans activist, former Jeff Epstein girlfriend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell left off.

The Justin Trudeau-led Liberals seek Utopia by reviving Maxwell’s failed ‘Ghislainian Republic of TerraMar.’

“The Liberal government is taking strong action to fight climate change, protect our oceans, and sustain the economy of coastal communities. Canada surpassed the goal to protect 10% of our oceans by 2020 — and we’re building on that progress to reach even more ambitious targets.”- (Liberal Government communique, July 11, 2020).

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Canada has joined a multi-nation international alliance on ocean protection, which Ghislaine Maxwell abandoned her non-profit TerraMar, after her boyfriend/
associate Jeff Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking.

“Maxwell was the president and founder of the TerraMar Project. And as recently as 2013, she attended the Clinton Global Initiative, where her charity made a public commitment. (Washington Examiner, June 15, 2015)

“The press release from the Clinton Global Initiative read, “Sustainable Oceans Alliance
 Commitment by: The TerraMar Project
. Partners: Michael Dorsey; Global Partnerships Forum.

“In 2013, the TerraMar Project committed to launch the Sustainable Oceans Alliance (SOA) to mobilize the international community and the public at large on the importance of the Oceans and the Seas and to ensure that the 193 UN Member States recognize and incorporate oceans in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to be adopted in 2015.”

“The TerraMar Project commitment is still listed on the Clinton Foundation website. And that remains, even after Maxwell’s involvement in the Epstein pedophile scandal continues to grow and continue to raise questions about former President Bill Clinton.”

Maxwell officially closed down the TerraMar Project, six days after Jeff Epstein was arrested and charged with sex trafficking.

“Canada is joining an international group of nearly two dozen other countries working to protect the world’s oceans. (Global News, July 9, 2020.

“The Global Ocean Alliance, founded by Great Britain last year, seeks to protect 30 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2030.

“Its 22 members include European countries such as Italy, Germany and Sweden, as well as island states such as Fiji and the Seychelles.

“Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bernadette Jordan made the announcement in Ottawa this morning.

“Canada has announced a conservation target of 25 per cent of its marine and coastal areas by 2025, and has already protected 14 per cent of those.

“The International Union for Conservation of Nature, one of the world’s largest organizations of conservation scientists, says protecting 30 per cent of the planet’s oceans is vital to keep ecosystems functioning.”

“In 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations event in Washington, D.C. She was there in her capacity as the founder of the TerraMar Project, an oceanic conservation group she started in 2012, according to a C.F.R. spokeswoman. (NY Times, Aug. 14. 2019)

“The C.F.R. is one of the world’s most prestigious nonprofit think tanks. Among its officers and directors then were David Rockefeller, one of the modern era’s most revered philanthropists; Colin Powell; and Robert Rubin, the secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton.

“The TerraMar Project was an organization with an opaque website and a founder who happened to be the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious money manager who — in addition to being one of the C.F.R.’s “Chairman’s Circle” donors for at least six years — had pleaded guilty in 2008 to state charges of soliciting prostitution from a minor.

“Christopher Mason, a reporter and a longtime friend of Ms. Maxwell’s, said he wondered if her primary motivation for starting the foundation was oceanic conservation or the conservation of Ghislaine Maxwell — creating a “respectable calling card” for someone “whose reputation was in jeopardy.”

“Ms. Maxwell had negligible experience as an environmental activist. Her preferred method of oceangoing was aboard a luxury yacht, which, according to Mr. Mason, was for her the pre-eminent symbol of “status and freedom.” It was through boating that she drew her inspiration for the foundation.

“All the oceans are interconnected and related. It’s all one sea,” Ms. Maxwell said to a reporter for the Mother Nature Network in a 2012 interview. “It’s the one major area of the world where we can be one species with one home and one common destiny.”

“She also proved to be a central figure in drumming up support for the TerraMar Project, lending her voice to an environmental controversy involving a poisoned Canadian river in 2016, (David Suzuki Foundation, June 1, 2016) speaking at The University of Texas at Dallas in 2014, and, that same year, giving a TED talk about how her experience of finding a plastic hanger at the bottom of the ocean on a deep sea submersible dive sparked her quest for conservancy.  (Business Insider, June 18, 2019)

“In a 2013 interview with CNN International, Maxwell described her thinking around the high seas, which she described as a land called “TerraMar.” (Business Insider)

“All citizens of the world are citizens of TerraMar, or citizens of the high seas, if you will, part of the global commons,” she said, adding that her organization’s website would foster a “sense of identity” by giving out digital TerraMar passports.

“You will get a digital passport with your name and your ID number, and we will — you will be able to follow the progress of the high seas, anything that happens significant on the high seas, now, you’ll be able to find out what’s going on,” she said. “We have a million and a half marine species, and you can select one to be the ambassador to TerraMar and be the spokesperson for that species. You can sponsor a piece of the ocean.”

Meanwhile the fate of the fictional ‘Ghislainian Republic of TerraMar’ is adrift at sea waiting for rescue by an International Alliance on Ocean Protection.

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