The Sad State of The World

“The State of The World is Worse Today than it Was in 1938”

The World has always taken a beating from humans, but those beatings have now become potentially much larger.

Yesterday a horrific and powerful bomb detonated in Beirut, killing a great many. I read it was 1/5th the strength of the Hiroshima bomb. Our condolences to the victims.

The blast might be explained away as an accident (I doubt it–how could huge amount of dangerous chemicals be allowed to remain stockpiled so close to a major city? More likely it was set off intentionally to accomplish a goal known only to its perpetrators. Beirut was once listed among the most beautiful (and stable) cities in the world before it became a crossroads for war.

The United States was also beautiful and stable for a long while, thanks to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now the Marxists are ruining our cities and they want to destroy our country. The mass media and the Democrats are aligned with this. Too many powerful people at the top seem to want a Chinese communist system and they’re using their scamdemic as leverage to get it.

While we have all experienced ‘world weariness’ from time to time, the World has had to endure it for countless centuries because mankind’s follies are endless.

Ben Garrison

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