Election 2020: Benign Popular Uprising Success?

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Bob Hoye —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 14, 2020

Politically, there have been essentially two kinds of uprisings. Each prompted by widespread dissatisfaction and hardship. One restores freedom and economic success. The opposite has been malignant revolutions; exampled by brutal dictatorships in France in the late 1700s and in Russia beginning in the early 1900s. In these, neurotic intellectuals turned existing dissatisfaction unto bloody horror shows and bureaucratic tyrannies.

Extraordinary attempt by control freaks to destroy a constitutional republic in order to impose authoritarian government

Taking advantage of crisis is not new, and there is more to the pattern.

In Europe, on every authoritarian experiment, the governing classes granted themselves the privilege of state murder.

Since 2016, America’s Left has been using every arrow in its quiver to bring down an elected president. In startling contrast, it now has the audacity to accuse Trump of possibly blocking the next transfer of power.

The most recent successful benign uprising occurred in 1989 when ordinary folk who were unarmed took on an armed and murderous police state. The symbol was bringing down the Berlin Wall, when controlling swamp critters suddenly lost the will to impose authority.

Suggesting hope for the current struggle for freedom.

Another example was England’s “Glorious Revolution” of 1688, which took down the last absolutist king. He had threatened to use French troops (globalism) in England. Seeing the political tide turning against him, King James reluctantly sought authoritarian solace in France.

Regrettably, the past few decades have recorded an extraordinary attempt by control freaks to destroy a constitutional republic in order to impose authoritarian government. This has now become so intense as to inspire another benign popular uprising. Which shocked the establishment in 2016.

More recently, Venezuela has been controlled to destitution

Will reform again be successful in November?

In order to remove any ambiguity of political banners such as Democrat or Republican, Bernieism or Bidenism, physics provides a practical definition of a totalitarian system.

“That which is not compulsory is prohibited.”

Which elegantly covers every political ambition from Communism to schoolboards. And, sadly, such ambition is now using any excuse to overwhelm constitutional norms. Bad weather and another influenza are caused by too many politically incorrect people.

The economic shutdown is the most severe since the 1930s famines when Bolsheviks forced Lysenkoism upon Russia’s agriculture.

More recently, Venezuela has been controlled to destitution.

The point to be made that in full fury authoritarians don’t care how much hardship they create, just so long as they are in control. Personal ambition that thrives on disasters it causes. And the governing classes have become, well, ungovernable.  But living well.

China’s revolution in the 1960s was guided by Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”. In 2011, Obama boasted about his form of community organization whereby “activist government could also be smart government”. The wonders of activism have been evident in Portland and other Democrat cities.

Soviet troops, tanks and machine guns put each attempt at reform down. Murderously

“Smart” is waiting discovery.

Obviously, the Left’s blatant ambition is causing shocking unemployment. With enough dissatisfaction to prompt an exceptional exodus from city-cores being ruined by Democrat activists. That some are voting with their feet and if these political refugees don’t take their socialist votes with them, they could become part of the reform movement.  Without the dislocation of moving, an easier step is to break the spell and vote for reform.

Has the seemingly endless intrusion of in-your-face and in-your-wallet government become damaging enough to inspire another success by the benign popular uprising?

As reviewed above, these have included breathtaking reforms in 1989 and in 1688. Tragically, some benign uprisings were brutally quelled. Examples include East Germany in 1953, Hungary in 1956 and the one with the most hope was the “Prague Spring” of 1968.

Soviet troops, tanks and machine guns put each attempt at reform down. Murderously.

This was one of the points in American Spring published by this writer on July 2, 2016. The rhetorical question about an “American Spring” being quelled brutally as in Prague was rejected. But the attempt to overwhelm America’s constitutional regard for freedom and limited government has been staggering. Even becoming fanatical in using any ploy to depose an elected president.

Quite likely the equivalent has been unseen in some 200 years of parliamentary history in America, Canada or England.

Left, in all its apparitions, has gone berserk

Another question in the 2016 article asked about the likelihood of Trump winning and the answer was in “Flyover” vernacular – “You bet!”.

And the Left, in all its apparitions, has gone berserk. Hitherto, intruding authoritarians suffered little popular opposition. But since being hit by a widespread “No!” the Left has been thrashing around in a tantrum usually limited to four-year-old-children.

Moreover, the intrusion using weather and influenza fears has been the most radical in the senior economy since the last great experiment in authoritarian government in the 1500s. However, by the early 1600s in England statist intrusion became altogether too much with popular opinion eventually accomplishing a great reformation. 

Lately, the Left’s ambition seems similar to the early stages of the French or Russian Revolutions. Which is dangerous. Perhaps this is again becoming “too much”, inspiring another successful phase of the benign popular uprising. Will it be strong and soon enough to win the presidency?

In January this seemed probable, but the use of the Wuhan Flu in imposing authority has been remarkable. Dems are also using the contrived crisis to corrupt voting.

Left’s urgent mission prohibits criticism and debate, while obedience to dogma is compulsory

So, it comes down to having enough ordinary folk seeing through the gaming of fear and the rigging of the electoral system to prevail. Hitherto, elections in the two party system provided middle-of-the-road platforms. Issues were debated.

But now the Left’s urgent mission prohibits criticism and debate, while obedience to dogma is compulsory. With opposition being banned a Democratic win would end America as a constitutional republic—a political tragedy.

On the longer term, previous benign uprisings advanced when the experiment in unlimited government literally destroyed the economy. Which prompted a great reform of, as the Brits called it in the early 1600s, “Tyrannical Duncery”.

Too much of the latter is being imposed these days, but history suggests that another great reformation is underway.

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