Testing Propaganda

Armstrong Economics Blog/Censorship Re-Posted Sep 29, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: YouTube is pulling all content off that challenges vaccines. They do say the number of infections is rising sharply. Would you care to explain?


ANSWER: Yes, YouTube is in full swing for censorship. They will remove anything contrary to these vaccines. This is anti-American and people should be allowed to see both sides. What YouTube is doing is propaganda. A report surfaced in Canada that shows the military is engaging in COVID-19 propaganda to test their warfare strategies upon the public. I believe Big Tech is following the same propaganda strategy, and the question is WHY?

If this was a REAL health risk, hospitals would NOT be firing people who refuse to vaccinate. Only a moron would fire 46% of the military for not taking a vaccine. That would be the perfect time for war.

This COVID virus has a death ratio of less than 1%. In China right now there is another appearance of H5N6 bird flu, which has a death ratio of 60% more like a plague. It seems to be contained for now. If we were dealing with something of this nature, I would agree with getting a vaccine. But this is not the case.

The more you test, the greater the pandemic. Do the same with IQ tests, and you will discover a pandemic of stupidity, probably caused by fossil fuels and global warming.

I suggest not to handle any live chickens.

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