Authoritarian Trudeau Denounces Authoritarian Putin, Weeks After Canada Targeted Political Protestors for Arrest

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 5, 2022 | sundance

In order for the most entrenched leftist ideologues to maintain their ideological agenda, they must pretend not to know things.

Two days after he announced the U.S. workforce vaccine mandate, in Shanksville Pennsylvania, Joe Biden said that both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin were “autocrats” who dictate to the citizens of their nations.  Biden noted in conversations with them – those leaders have questioned the viability of ‘western democracy.‘  This statement came a mere 36 hours after Joe Biden said he “has lost patience” with half the nation, and as an outcome, was going to FORCE a mandatory injection (COVID “vaccine”) into the arms of every citizen who wanted to work.  The media ignored the contrast as if they could not see the inherent hypocrisy.

Yesterday, in a speech to a Ukraian delegation in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the nerve to talk about the “slipping of democracy” as a result of “greater authoritarianism”, only a few weeks after Trudeau invoked the emergency act and triggered financial targeting against protestors who assembled against his regime.   Again, the media ignore the inherent hypocrisy.  WATCH (Prompted):

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