Neil Oliver, Sorry Ukraine, but We’re Not Going To Stop Asking Questions

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 5, 2022 | sundance

Another good reflective and contemplative monologue from Neil Oliver today, as he notes the quick shift from ‘you cannot question the vaccine’ to ‘you cannot question what’s going on in Ukraine.’

Indeed, the analogous pivot by global governance was so fast, we didn’t even feel ourselves get shoved through the media looking glass. They’re getting good at this now; the global crew have had a lot more practice in the past two years.  They’re like the performer who can snatch the tablecloth from under the plates without moving the cutlery.

However, as Neil Oliver mentions, sorry team NATO or global alliance or whoever the f**k you are, our experience with your abusive reaction to us in the past two years has thickened the callouses of our sensibility.  We are not going to stop asking questions and looking for the real images behind the opaque narrative you present.  Ukraine may, or may not, be all you say, but for the past two years you have manipulated so much we won’t stop asking questions, and we certainly will not accept the media presentations at face value. WATCH:

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