Surgeon General Asks Social Media Companies for Target List of COVID Skeptics and Influencers

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 5, 2022 | sundance

Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, Vice Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service Surgeon General of the United States, is married to a woman named Dr. Alice Tu Chen.  If you look into the past of the surgeon general’s wife, you will discover Alice Chen is essentially a ghost – from the perspective of: who were her parents, where is her family?  The lack of early childhood, parental and familial history is a key characteristic of CCP plants in the U.S.

When the U.S. Dept of Justice recently announced they were dropping the Chinese spy initiative, a program to review how CCP officials had been working for years to seed the U.S. with Chinese operatives, indications are the DOJ motive was connected to serious internal discoveries surrounding the wife of the U.S. Surgeon General, Alice Chen. I do not say this lightly.

Unfortunately, a tangential outcome from eliminating the FBI “China Initiative’, is recognizing we now have a completely compromised U.S. Surgeon General who is a controlled mechanism for the Fourth Branch of Government to leverage.  This is the background context for this story.

Amid recent revelations surrounding the purposeful use of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic by government entities for political gains, which includes the structural control of social society vis-a-vis digital ID’s or COVID passports, The New York Times is now reporting the U.S. Surgeon General wants a list of people, groups and entities who were spreading “misinformation” about the COVID-19 vaccinations.

(NYT) President Biden’s surgeon general on Thursday formally requested that the major tech platforms submit information about the scale of Covid-19 misinformation on social networks, search engines, crowdsourced platforms, e-commerce platforms and instant messaging systems.

The surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, also demanded information from the platforms about the major sources of Covid-19 misinformation, including those that engaged in the sale of unproven Covid-19 products, services and treatments. (more)

Knowing what we know about the extent of the government activity, influence and manipulation in the vaccination process, we should likely view this story through the prism of government now managing their risk exposure.  [HHS notification Here] – [Federal Register Notification Here]

In July of 2021, Murthy previously targeted social media platform providers and gave them specific instructions to remove any content that was critical of the COVID-19 vaccination program. {Go Deep} We said at the time, “The government push to promote vaccinations for COVID-19 has gone well beyond reasonable advancement for the public health.  Now, we are entering a phase where the ongoing demand is becoming problematic, propaganda.  More government advocates are pushing toward mandatory vaccinations for a virus that has 99.9% survival rate. If you stand back – the scale of the demand far exceeds the known risk from the virus itself…. things just don’t add up.”

By the time we get to November of 2021, Murthy was pushing the children vaccination hard.

In July of last year, the Surgeon General asked Big Tech platform providers to remove content and censor anyone who would question the emergency use vaccine in adults.  His office put out a 22-page advisory [pdf HERE] in an effort to combat what he called “misinformation” about vaccines.  Now, in November 2021, Murthy is using that same approach to enhance his efforts toward childhood vaccines.  There is something creepy about the scale of the effort. {Go Deep}

Back to them now evaluating their risk exposure:

[…] The request for information is part of President Biden’s Covid National Preparedness Plan, which the White House detailed on Wednesday and which is a road map for a new stage of the pandemic where Covid-19 causes “minimal disruption,” according to the White House. Mr. Biden first revealed details of the plan during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

In addition to demanding misinformation data from the tech platforms, the surgeon general called on health care providers and the public to submit information about how Covid-19 misinformation has negatively influenced patients and communities.

This is how you throw a bag over it.

First govt determines what adverse information exists (risk).

Then govt determines where the adverse information exists (target).

Then govt defends itself by labeling the adverse information process

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