The Coming WWIII

Armstrong Economics Blog/War re-Posted Mar 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

While people rush to kiss the feet of Zelensky, even some Ukrainians are now concerned that he is a puppet dragging their country to destruction all over Donbas. I have warned that this is going to turn into WWIII. China has now come out and warned the USA against trying to build what it called a Pacific version of NATO while declaring that security disputes over Taiwan and Ukraine were “not comparable at all.” They too are logging the same complaints against the US as Putin for creating biological weapons labs on their borders as well.

There are serious allegations that this is all being carried out to try to force Russia and China into the Great Reset and to comply with the United Nations’ mandates for climate change. It is hard to say whether these allegations are true or false. As always, time reveals the truth. But the WEF, which had claimed that Putin was a Young Global Leader, rejected that and shifted to supporting Zelensky also pushing for a continued war that Ukraine cannot win unless it gets so bad that they use this to justify NATO entering Ukraine.

My concern is that their mistake is they think they can take down Russia and then turn to China. Our model warns that that will be a fatal mistake, and China will join Russia.

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