We Are in Trouble, White House Journalist Asks Senior WH Official if Farmers Should Change Crops This Year

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 28, 2022 

There are often questions raised about whether the crises created by the Biden White House policy are incompetence or intentional.  For the group that believes ‘incompetence‘ is behind the chaos, well, they gained a significant data point today.

During a White House press briefing a reporter asks, “My question is about how the White House plans to prepare for food shortages, particularly as it comes to wheat …. should U.S. farmers grow more wheat this year instead of corn and soybeans given the possible food shortages?”

The Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Cecilia Rouse, answered” …”farmers respond to price signals. So, with the price of food rising, they will be responding by making additional plantings and trying to take advantage of the increased price signal.  So, the market will work as the market will work.”  Please WATCH 16:32 Prompted

The reporter and the Chair of the CEA seemingly have no idea how long it takes to farm or grow a crop.  As if switching from corn to wheat was just a Monday decision.  Good grief, June/July harvests for winter wheat this year were planted in October of last year.

Changing a crop in the spring for harvest in the summer is not akin to changing your regular order of beverages at Starbucks.

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