Bono Showed up in Kyiv, Ukraine Along with Justin From Canada

Posted originally in the conservative tree house on May 8, 2022 | sundance

It’s the new cool thing. It’s the latest rage on Insta. All the most virtuous people are doing it. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to support the movement. Travel to Kyiv, Ukraine, snap a few selfies… Social media archives will record history.  According to pop culture, the Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube social media campaign to save Kyiv, is bigger than the Berlin wall falling.   The CIA, DoS, DHS and Nina Jankowicz have declared it true.

When the conflict in Ukraine first began, the White House announced the victor would be the one who could “tell a better story.”  The war in Ukraine would be determined by who was more likeable on social media.  From that moment forth, winning the PR battle has been the focus.

Within days of the White House declaring the strategy, Google, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all announced they would filter and block content that did not support World War Reddit.  Anyone who was not supporting Ukraine and “churchill in a T-Shirt” ran the risk of being deplatformed; and so, the strategy has continued through today.

After writing pro-Ukraine poems for Nancy Pelosi to read to congress, now Bono travels to Ukraine. I said on March 1st when Bono shows up, that’s the moment when you know western propaganda over Ukraine will soon apex. Bono’s appearance in any State Dept/CIA construct usually precedes the bombing of the proverbial milk factories and subsequent “babies are casualties of war” narrative.  Well, today:

Anyone else notice that Bono is slowly morphing into Robin Williams?  I digress…


Bono wasn’t the only one who showed up to celebrate World War Reddit in Kyiv today.  Justin from Canada was also there…

Trudeau: “The incredible courage captivating the essence of what it means to be Ukraine”...

Zelenskyy: “yeah, yeah… yada, yada,… hurry up Bono’s here and that’s a better photo-op“..


Russians be like…


Weirdest war ever.

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