Collapsing Christianity Leaves Vacuum Filled by Unthinking Leftist ‘Saviors’

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 12, 2020


It’s an observable fact Christian influence is waning, supplanted by liberal political religion. Once, Christianity was the undisputed foundation of Western Europe, the continent considered a Christian mission. Ponder believer Charlemagne’s success building a Christian kingdom, including free schools for kids and charity for the poor.

Development and use of Natural Law created a medieval European tool for education. Says one scholar,

Natural law became a central feature of the intellectual, political and juridical culture of Enlightenment Europe…with a basic pedagogical task, namely, to instruct young men in elementary social ideas, a kind of pre-modern ‘civics’. This accounts for the fact that we find natural law ideas in all kinds of intellectual endeavour in the Enlightenment, for virtually everyone who had even the rudiments of advanced education would have been exposed to it in some form…But, first of all, natural law was politically important by supplying a systematic theory of social and political life.

Natural Law founded the earliest British jurisprudence, ‘Common Law.’ Writes one author, “There can be no denying that the Common Law has one advantage overall other systems of law: it was Christian from the very beginning of its history.” Later, Colonies became a bastion for abused Christendom when Pilgrims relocated to Plymouth, MA, establishing an experimental colony for free faith. The earliest law, Mayflower Compact, composed in 1620 aboard the Mayflower, states:

Having undertaken, for Glory of God, and advancements of the Christian faith, and the honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia…

The Christian purpose of this first American covenant is clear, and a model for our Constitution. Later, one writer claimed, “The United States are by far the most religious and Christian country in the world…because religion is there most free.”

And yet today, US Christianity declines. Sadly, millions of church goers have scant knowledge of American history or important religious doctrines. One cannot defend what they don’t know. Further, millions of Bible enthusiasts disastrously mix religious truths with patently absurd Post-Modern nostrums, creating a toxic brew of heretic syncretism. In midst of unprecedented social turmoil, a soporific languor settles upon Believers in churches festering under lockdown, as confused pastors remain inert, while society is stripped to the bone and rebuilt with putrid, rotting Marxism.


    1. Cosmopolitan Socialism Cosmopolitanism, first proposed in ancient Greece, precedes globalism, aka world socialism. Says one source, “Cosmopolitanism refers to the ideology all human beings belong to a single community, based on a shared morality.” Liberals think all open-minded people should be cosmopolitan, with humanity above every state and religion. Marx’s demand for world socialism was bootstrapped into the idea, for government authority and power are necessary to authorize such a universal project.
    1. Leftism as New Fundamentalist Religion Ponder the strange resemblance of modern left politics to cultic religion. But why do the most virulent critics create ersatz religion to replace Christianity? King Solomon wrote, “God has also set eternity in man’s heart.” John Calvin said, “the human mind is, so to speak, a perpetual forge of idols.”

      Mentally ill French philosophe Auguste Comte outlined a “Positivist Church,” aka Religion of Humanity. Mises observed, “Comte was insane in the full sense which pathology attaches to this term.” John Stuart Mill created his own version. But politics controls religion, choking off true spirituality, which occurred in every communist state. Once in power, leftists allow no competition.

      Eric Nelsons’ Theology of Liberalism traces the centuries old colossal theological and philosophical war over God’s fairness – or Theodicy. Nelson claims Liberalism wrested power from the church to “save” the poor, illiterate, mad and evil in their own heaven on earth, Utopia.

    1. Antinomianism: Lawless LeftismAmerica’s woke moment augurs an antinomian, or lawless spirit. Why? Generally, rejection of God makes man god. Then, all shifts to political struggle. Nietzsche also celebrated power by any means. In Will to Power, he rejected God, claiming power by any means was self-justified. Dostoyevski said, “If there is no god, everything is permitted.”
    1. GnosticismLeftism is inherently Gnostic – or justification by knowledge. Eric Voegelin considered Gnosticism the spirit of the age. Faith is jettisoned while knowledge becomes key to advancement. Collapse of a faith-based culture means society based on superstition, personal creed, political partisanship, or nihilism.
    1. No Principled Dissent ExistsModern leftism allows no dissent. Leftists remarkably believe every opposed liberal idea has a ‘true’ defense – which will destroy the opposition. Meanwhile. leftist leaders wage a polemical war, employing strategic “talking points.” But progressive followers treat these statements as “Mother Ship” holy writ. These cannot be falsified. Logic itself collapses, but emotions rule – while “Truth” evolves. A highly unstable belief “system.”
    1. Leftist Woke HeroismLeftism always vomits up self-appointed “great men.” Faithless leftist “messiahs” arise believing they’ve morphed into Nietzche’s Superman. FBI’s Peter Strzok bragged he’d “stop” Trump’s election. So leftism creates self-canonized rebels, smashing statutes, claiming to follow “Higher Law”, like James Comey.


The mindlessness of modern leftism is truly astonishing. An army of devouring cockroaches has more brain activity. Every “resistance” is explained by stale Marxist theory. But why? In fact, abandoning the West’s theory of religion and government leads to catatonic brain dysfunction. This willful rejection of reality explains why attacks leveled at the opposition are not serious. Meanwhile, the left’s Nihilism – Nietzsche’s belief in nothing, a hallmark of Russian communism, is exposed by current protests.

The left offers typically ludicrous naked conclusions they think necessary for survival, then tortuously argues backwards towards ridiculous “facts”. They just assume once power is achieved, the utopia of their dreams will simply appear by magic. Reminiscent of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, after sending all farmers to communes, he then watched the national tragedy as 45 million souls starved to death.

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