America, Thou Art Sick: Biden and Kamala’s Rickety Ticket Will Explode Into USA Society

Are Voters Sleepwalking Into an Non-Survivable Political Disaster? 

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free press By Kelly OConnell —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 10, 2020

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden
INTRO: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Are we really ready to give America to a mentally infirm man and Congress’s most radical Senator? Then prepare for the most shocking societal change since Nero sat on Caesar Augustus’ throne. Consider advertised progressive goals that are mere parasites on those necessary for human flourishing. 

From Full-Throated Capitalism to Sickly Socialism

Consider, after recent historic low minority unemployment, we’re informed the real need is increased socialism, despite our #1 Fed budget item being social welfare. Again, no Global Warming prediction has ever materialized. Yet, we’re constantly directly to immediately install radical policies or perish. These policies, by jousting with unicorns, will destroy the American economy. Biden plans $4.3 trillion in tax increases to fund universal healthcare, free college and many other new policies. 

Maniacal Dems
Democrats are led by maniacs. Consider spastic, glowering Speaker Pelosi, refusing to condemn riots or statue toppling. Informed of sanctions by the Senate if she retried impeachment, Nancy now invokes the 25th Amendment to declare Trump mentally unfit. Kamala is a Trojan Horse of mind-blowing leftism, while Biden an empty-headed human parrot, ready to pack the Supreme Court and  ban petroleum while adding ruinous climate bills. Marxism waxes as historic America hangs out on a limb. 

Marxist Cult of Violence
Consider the cult of violence employed by Democrat Marxist Black Lives Matters and Antifa. According to Communism & Political Violence, recurrent riots originate in the apotheosis of the Russian Revolution, claiming it the signal event in world history. So, since the Bolsheviks used violence to overcome the Tsar, so must every other “legitimate” Marxist revolution. In 1905, Lenin directed his “Combat Committee” to launch acts of arson, theft and other terror, for example.

Dem Leaders & Economic Sabotage
The leftist angle of COVID-19 laws and George Floyd Riots response reveals all plague rules and riot policing contingent upon mayor and governor party affiliation, delivering Trump economic sabotage. Democrats across America refused to condemn violence and destruction. So, while Portland burns,  trust-fund Mayor Ted Wheeler still refuses Fed help, demanding de-federalizing city police. As Oregon  Gov. Kate Brown ignores National Guard, waves of businesses abandon Portland. Marxist terror is meant to break the will and budgets of patriotic capitalists

Safety & Police Implications
It’s a truism of leftist jurisdictions BLM/Antifa rioters are not prosecuted. Given routine assaults and constant arson, insurance payouts may top $2 billion. Will these companies sue city and states for abandoning policing? With reduced funds and 700 police injured during protests, who will protect citizens as departments “defund”? Diluted future leftist courts won’t support law and order, either. 

CONCLUSIONS: Nihilism is Not Leadership

Biden and Kamala eschew comments on court packing, banning petroleum and funding the New Green Deal. Given George Soros’ influence, “quality of life” policing will disappear. As America would fall into anarchy, we don’t have to accept this disastrous destiny. We can reject Demented Joe and ultra-ambitious, infinitely liberal Kamala.  Let’s choose law, order, economic growth and patriotism, instead.

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