Boston University Starts COVID-19 Pass Requirements

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Oct 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Boston University has started the requirement of a digital badge indicating they’re up to date with COVID-19 testing and symptom screening. Unfortunately, we are going to see this expand to become a requirement to travel. This is all part of a plan to used COVID-19 to prevent civil uprisings as they roll out their plan for the Great Reset. All you hear is how they will create millions of new jobs. What they are NOT telling people is how many jobs they will destroy. Anything connected to cars and the oil industry will vanish. 

Unemployment during the Great Depression reached 25% because 40% of the population had been employed in agriculture. The older the worker, the less likely they were able to make the transition to industrial work. Even the invention of the jet engine left many pilots behind who could not make the transition to a shorter response time requirement.

What they are proposing will wipe out jobs deliberately who will be unable to make the transition to their new green world order. Europe is already looking at prohibiting tourists without COVID-19 vaccines going forward. post-2020.

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