Gates Hands Grants to Media to Support His Views?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Press Re-Posted Oct 30, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Bill Gates is a very clever man. He knows how to create monopolies and was forced to resign from Microsoft to prevent its breakup. He has been doing far more than just pushing for lockdowns and vaccines. He has also been funding the media to slant the news and scaremongering for COVID. The Telegraph has been one of the most aggressive to lock people down in Britain. So many people I know in Britain no longer even trust the BBC. Indeed, the Gates Foundation awards $20 Million to BBC World Service Trust. A five-year, $20 million grant awarded to the BBC World Service Trust by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in December blurs the lines between funding for traditional media and public education, the Seattle Times reports. Again, this is to push for the issue of health and explains their support for COVID lockdowns. Gates has also handed money to ABC News in the USA and NPR.

Is there any wonder why we have lost free press?

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