Totalitarianism: A humanitarian utopia called Socialism

Expose socialism for what it really is – Hell on Earth

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Charles Wills —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 10, 2020

The media has repeatedly shown groups of millennials celebrating the theft of the 2020 election by socialist Democrats. To patriotic Americans, people who love America, the celebrations are shameful, and many are asking: “Don’t they know what socialism is? Are they that ignorant?” The answer to the first question is NO, and the answer to the second question is YES. The younger generation, most of them, do not know the true history of socialism or understand the true nature of it, therefore we can’t expect them to reject it.

Moreover, they were not taught the true history of socialism; that socialism has brought nothing but suffering, sorrow, death and destruction to world. They are thoroughly brainwashed and politically and economically ignorant, although, if they opened their eyes, they would see the tyranny and oppression of socialism already rearing its ugly head. Democrats are already calling for purges and punishment for Trump voters and supporters. They are calling it the Trump Accountability Project.

Groups like ANTIFA claiming to oppose fascist America, while behaving like little fascists

Taylor Lewis warned in the American Thinker: “Trump voters beware: your ballot could get you jailed after January 20, 2021.” He added, “open season may be declared on any American morally obtuse enough to believe that 45 deserved four more years.” Democrat socialists aren’t content just getting away with stealing the election, they want their opponents punished.

By the way, the corrupt 2020 election, and the censoring of speech by social media and the press are examples of socialist oppression, and Americans can expect such things to get worse if socialist Democrats are allowed to get away with stealing the 2020 election.

Furthermore, I have heard millennials say that capitalism is fascism. That’s why we have groups like ANTIFA claiming to oppose fascist America, while behaving like little fascists. Academics have blurred the true character of socialism with definitions that mislead people into believing that socialism is different from fascism or communism. In fact, the younger generation, most of them, never heard of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

When I told a millennial that communist Russia was a socialist republic, he said, “if that’s true, like you claim, then I’m confused.” He said that was not what he was taught, and he asked: “Are you trying to tell me that socialism and communism are the same?” He didn’t know that communism and fascism are nothing more than socialism by another name. He didn’t know that they all share the same totalitarian doctrine.

For instance, under socialism, communism and fascism, the people are subordinate to the state, and all opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed and punished. That’s totalitarianism! In fact, they all impose a form of government in which the state exercises absolute control over all aspects of life; including rounding up dissenters and either incarcerating them in concentration camps (gulags) and/or exterminating them in death camps. Socialism, no matter what it’s called by academics, is plain and simple totalitarianism.

Millennials aren’t the only generation to have been brainwashed by the media and academia

It’s totalitarian because absolute control is centralized under a ruler or a ruling class and opposition (dissension) is forbidden and punished. Academics may call it a utopia, but in reality, it’s an oppressive tyranny, and unfortunately, the younger generation doesn’t have the knowledge to recognize it for what it really is.

Moreover, millennials aren’t the only generation to have been brainwashed by the media and academia. I was brainwashed too, but I was lucky enough to have honest people guiding me. However, I understand their misguided mindset because I was a victim of academia too.

For instance, I used to listen to older men, my co-workers, talk about politics. I remember thinking that they don’t know what they were talking about, although their life experience and knowledge far exceeded mine. Back then, I considered myself a realist. What I mean by that is, “if I can’t see it or touch it, then it doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t conform to what I was taught, it’s false.” Sadly, the younger generation seems to have the same mindset.

Back then, I weighed things against what I was taught by academics before making any conclusions. However, I learned over the years, through experience, that if I didn’t have all the facts, or my knowledge of the subject was inadequate, incorrect or misguided, my conclusions were always wrong. On the other hand, if I had all of the facts and adequate knowledge of the subject, my conclusions were right 100% of the time.

Like millennials, I was a product of the educational establishment that brainwashes us into believing that anything that doesn’t conform to or support the beliefs of academics is either false or wrong. Knowing that, we can’t expect the younger generation to reject oppressive totalitarianism when they have been taught it’s a humanitarian utopia called socialism.

Finally, America has entered the darkest hour in our history since the Civil War. We can only hope the younger generation will wake up before they have to experience socialism for themselves. However, unless they are exposed to the truth about socialism, I doubt they will wake up before it’s too late. All I can do is expose socialism for what it really is – Hell on Earth.

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