We Finally Are Somewhere Over The Rainbow

But once you give your freedom away, you can never get it back without using live ammo.

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Dave Merrick —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 14, 2020

We Finally Are Somewhere Over The RainbowThis whole thing is making me sick. That was a uniquely inspiring and artistically singular opening, wasn’t it? But, in this instance—literary excellence be hanged—I am just going to dump here. You have been warned. If you don’t like the idea or feel your sensibilities will somehow be molested, then feel free to travel on to the next article. I mean, when I was in college I used to sometimes ride around on a city bus and get into all sorts of conversations with people I didn’t even know. We often wound up having coffee and becoming friends. [This was back in the 1970s when there was no fear of winding up packaged in patties and steaks in somebody’s basement freezer.] In case you haven’t noticed, this world has gone nuts. Everybody acts as though another series of lockdowns, more social distancing and maybe a vaccine or two will remedy all that. But it won’t. As I have told you before, I carry a painful contrast in my heart and mind that tells me that we humans were once capable of better things than where we now find ourselves. And I know some of you will at least agree with me in your comments.

“Joe Biden, President-elect” baloney

But it is this whole “Joe Biden, President-elect” baloney that is tearing my head off. He has spent nearly 50 years in politics doing nothing but nothing. Obama, I am convinced, hauled him into the White House as his white conservative-looking vice president, solely in order to tone down the response of airheaded ‘conservatives’ and older liberals who didn’t want to vote for a black guy they knew nothing about. Joe Biden, to this day, is regularly confused with a full-blown conservative in the minds of many young snowflake/millennials who identify him as ‘another Nixon’ because of his hair and neckties. But these now voting-age braintrusts have lived their lives achieving nothing much more historically notable than learning how to operate remote controls for entertainment and gaming. These same babies totally hate Trump only because that is the trend programmed into them by the big-money media/entertainment industry. I am still reeling in shock because b-class, has-been ‘celebrities’ like Michael Moore and that standup comic failure—the woman who walked through Central Park with a bloodied latex head of Donald Trump—successfully led the charge in helping the networks promote their hatred of Donald Trump.

YouTube has been a publicly accessible storage vault, for the past several years, documenting our alleged “President-elect” fondling and sniffing the body parts and hair of little girls who obviously are completely uncomfortable with him doing that. Beyond that, the library of laughs of Joe Biden’s endless gaffes—another feature of the YouTube venue—has got to make more than a few people question if they really want that moron globally negotiating for America’s peace in what has become an international powder keg. I mean, I can see and hear him in the Middle East when somebody cables up the wrong feed to his teleprompters. Suddenly, as he is addressing a half-million haters of the ‘Great Satan’ in downtown Islamabad … “You know, every time I’ve been in your fair city, Notre Dame is my very favorite attraction! Like many of you here, I am a devout Catholic, as you know. And it’s good to see part of that beloved, holy legacy has already been restored to a beauty surpassing what was there before the terrorists got hold of it!” And I’m exaggerating? Really? Have you seen some of the faux-pas-deluxe this weirdo has served up? But he is safe now? Why? Because the networks told you so?

Women, plural, have stepped forward charging him with all sorts of sexual misbehavior. It appears that his own daughter may have been sexualized by him. She purportedly regularly showered with him when she was just a little girl. And the American voters are truly overlooking all that? If Donald Trump owned a micron of Joe Biden’s past, the court of public opinion would have him serving time in the electric chair. For crying out loud. Biden/Harris represent the people who went to see our nation’s border walls torn down, and our police forces dismantled. Currently, after promoting the very opposite, he is saying that he will cut taxes and forgive student loans. Personally, I think he would do anything at his handlers’ commands in order to secure the Oval Office. And for bringing up these obvious weirdnesses (everything above and more) AOC and her partners want my name put on the very same sort of list that Hitler and Mao compiled of all the people who dared to take issue with their socialist governments. I have to love the meme which is currently circulating on all the social networking sites. It shows a picture of some of our framers with the caption, “We worked, sacrificed and fought hard at winning a revolution so you morons could give everything away to a bunch of domestic terrorists posing as a political party.”

Biden/Harris Promising to undo every good thing that Trump accomplished while under fire from the biggest lies and liars to ever strip mine America

But it gets worse. I made the mistake of watching a documentary about Charles Manson the other night. That also made me sick. But the one major thing that stuck out about the whole Charles Manson cult and the horror they were about—was what my lawyer-wife calls “word salad.” Charlie was all over his words. He knew how to speak total and complete evil, and make it sound like he was quoting Scripture. He knew how to promote the insanity of the devil himself and make it sound like he was (forgive me) another messiah. And that is where we are with the new left—now complete with a ‘President and Vice President-elect’ who have proven that they will say and promise anything in order to take over the executive office of what is left of a totally damaged America. Biden and his VP, do you recall? They were absolutely on the opposite ends of the spectrum politically when the first debate/circus hit tv. And now they are coworkers in promising to undo every good thing that our current, great leader accomplished while under fire from the biggest lies and liars to ever strip mine America. While our leftist leaders are talking seriously about ‘reparations’, Donald Trump should be given another four years to make up for the term that Pelosi, Clinton, Schumer and a host of others stole from him and the Americans who voted for him.

But, to me, the new Charles Manson (effectively resurrected in an America that has had its heart torn out in the last nine months) is ‘lying Joe Biden’. Look at his fruit. Look at his family. Look at everything he has touched. And now America, asleep at the switch for the past several decades, is going to fold its hands and slumber through another four years of political and economic butchery that will eventually include the total evisceration of our Constitution. The silent majority will effectively continue to shake its head during more of its brave and indolent silence (the same silence that surrendered our Congress at midterms). And people will go back to their easy chairs because the tv which they are addicted to has told them that, “There is nothing to see here. President 45 is clearly out of his mind in his conspiracy-theory-fantasies regarding some balloting errors. You don’t need to worry about that (or the ‘right wing extremists’ who report their own concurring hallucinations as fact). We will tell you everything you need to know. And we will silence every voice we feel needs silencing. After all—we called the election, didn’t we? And now you will lie down and keep quiet, or the red guard we helped to promote and resurrect in groups like antifa and blm will come and burn your house to the ground. And you know why? It’s because the morons who don’t know the history they have emerged from will certainly return to that darkness for more lessons.”

But once you give your freedom away, you can never get it back without using live ammo.

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