Release the Kraken! Truth will NOT be denied!

It’s Time! We have waited too long

Re-Posted from GrrrGraphics on November 15, 2020

Sydney Powell, General Flynn’s powerful attorney, claims she will ‘release the Kraken’ in reference to show overwhelming evidence of voter fraud associated with the glitchy software that was widely used in swing states. The software is known as “Dominion.

Now there are reports that claim servers containing US election votes were seized in Germany. Why are our votes being counted in foreign countries?

Because Dominion is easy to hack.

Besides multiple ballots on pallets that magically showed up during the wee hours–all for Biden–and the votes changed outright from Trump to Biden, and dead people voting for Biden, the Deep State Swamp also made sure the software was easily hacked to hand Biden the victory.

Even the name “Dominion” is sinister. Do we want China and other foreign countries having dominion over our elections? Of course not.

We must go back to the old analogue way of voting. Paper ballots filled out by qualified people showing up at polls in person to cast their votes. Instead, we have illegal aliens voting and mailed in ballots that missed the deadline being approved by election officials—as long as those ballots were for Biden, of course.

Enough talk. C’mon, Sydney. Release that beast of evidence. NOW.

I’m tired of hoping 17 is right and “patriots really are in charge”. Right now it seems like the Deep State remains in charge.

Let’s see some results. Trump started drained the Swamp during his first term.But Hillary and her corrupt gang was not locked up. The coup perpetrators have not been punished. Instead they’re all on CNN and MSNBC pushing their books and viciously attacking our president. They all need to be locked up, but first…let’s make sure Trump wins the second term that he has earned and deserves.

—Ben Garrison

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