Ministry of Pennsylvania COVID Compliance Bans Alcohol Sales For Thanksgiving – Restricts School Attendance, and Non-Compliant Family Gatherings…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on November 23, 2020 by sundance

Comrades, the Pennsylvania authorities have announced new COVID-19 compliance dictates to ensure full control during the holiday week.   “Under the new order, bars and restaurants will not be permitted to sell beer and liquor between 5 p.m. Wednesday and 8 a.m. Thursday morning.”  Welcome to selective COVID prohibition, because a virus…

Additionally, all schools must now restrict attendance and comply with “full remote learning.”  It is all for your best interest citizen as explained by the command and governing authority: “Having someone in your home who does not live with you – not part of your household – even if they are part of your extended family, or your close friends, puts your entire household at risk.”

Be a good citizen and snitch on your neighbors.

Pennsylvania – officials are issuing new orders and advisories they are calling “additional safeguards” as they work to slow the spread of coronavirus across the state.

Gov. Tom Wolf made the announcement alongside Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine during a press conference on Monday afternoon.

[…] Schools that do not sign the form or fail to comply are required to provide only fully remote learning and suspend all extracurricular activities as long as the county remains in the substantial transmission level.

The Democratic governor also reissued orders intended to protect businesses, employees, and customers. The orders include reiterating cleaning and social distancing requirements, mandatory telework requirements unless impossible, and other safety measures.  (read more)

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