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Armstrong Economics Blog/Q&A Re-Posted Nov 28, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION #1: Mr. Armstrong; I have been following you for some time and recently subscribed to Socrates. I have a question as a small player in the huge world of investment and finance.
It looks like digital currency is coming soon. How do you think it would be implemented such as a phase-in or dropping the hammer-like has happened in India? Another issue is what happens to the cash that some folks have squirreled away for a rainy day? Will they have us turn it into the banks, will they outlaw having it at all or just say the paper is no longer valid after a certain date?
I have talked to a few friends and we all have the same concerns. I suspect that this question is tantamount to a lot of people.
Looking forward to your and Socrates’ take on this looming issue.

DH in Florida

ANSWER #1: In India, it was Bill Gates advising Modi and he never even consulted the central bank. They were taken completely by surprise. In Europe, this was being pushed by Christine Legarde who was head of the IMF and now the central bank. But she is a board member of the World Economic Forum. This is part of the agenda for 2030, but it was Legarde who was running around threatening tax haven countries to give up every one or by blocked from the SWIFT system denying them the ability to transact any business internationally. They even threatened the Vatican.

Despite that drive to hunt down offshore money for taxation, it still was not enough. They are determined to cancel the currency claiming (1) currency carries the virus, and (2) it will eliminate crime from drugs to prostitution, but it will eliminate even paying a teenager to babysit.

They were planning to cancel the currency and the debt at the same time on January 1st, 2021. They assumed they had rigged the US election and Biden would join their ranks to embark on a new era of economic tyranny. Boris Johnson was also going to join and cancel the pound as the Bank of England has already created what it calls the RSCoin. This also included Switzerland. The idea floated was that to prevent hoarding in alternative currencies, they needed to eliminate paper money across the board and it would come in the blink of an eye with 30 to 90 days to turn in all your cash.  As of January 1, Americans living in UAE must comply with the updated tax regulations released by the IRS. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are going to join the cryptocurrency era and build a new financial relation through Aber, a proposed digital currency.

They are coordinating this cancellation and it will take place including the USA under Biden. If Trump wins in the House, then the physical dollar will present the ultimate hedge against the confiscation of assets outside the USA.

QUESTION #2: They are starting to say dogs and cattle can transmit COVID-19 just as they have killed all the minks in Europe. What are these people doing?


ANSWER #2: They have on a wholesale basis exterminated minks in Denmark when even the tests for COVID are invalid. The CDC and WHO are claiming cats and dogs can also carry COVID. Cattle have often gotten coronaviruses but so far there is no real evidence that humans can get COVID-19 from cattle or meat. Nonetheless, because Bill Gates has been pushing alternative neats and eliminating meat is one of the 8 predictions on the list of the World Economic Forum by 2030, you can bet they will start claiming eating meat risks getting COVID-19 and they might throw in petting your dog or cat and to save the planet, there should be a mass extinction carried out of cattle and pets.

COMMENT #3: Your mention of Salesforce caught my attention this morning as I received a forwarded email from Salesforce entitled “[Salesforce} Reimagine Engagement with your Residents“. The original sender is Justin describing a Salesforce | MTX Group | Tableau Webinar describing “Learn how the New York City Police Department (NYPD), Salesforce, MTX Group and Tableau have reimagined their approach to community engagement. The community members now have the ability to report concerns from their mobile phone, collaborate with local officers to address constituent concerns, and schedule and track community meetings, and more”.
“community members now have the ability to report concerns from their mobile phone” . . . could be interpreted as neighbor reporting on a neighbor.

REPLY #3: It is unfortunate that Salesforce is a Dow stock. They are partners with Schwab and engage in using shareholder money to further agenda that has nothing to do with the business. They call this STAKEHOLDER economics. If I was a fund manager and started to spend your money on things I thought were my pet projects instead of investing it, I think they would call that fraud. I fail to see where STAKEHOLDER economics is ethical or legal.

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