A Short Discussion on the History of How We Got to the Point of Embracing Marxism!

This is a very short summary of how we got to where we are today. There is a lot more detail but I think you will get the drift as we use to say. I use Marxist instead of progressive since that is what they actually are.

Going on 50 years ago a movement was started to make the world a better place. One part was the environment movement that formed in the late 60’s and Patrick Moore was one of the founding members of Greenpeace in 1971 and they did do a lot of good. Unfortunately when the U.S.S.R. collapsed between 1988 and 1991 the worlds Marxists were left hanging as their utopia was gone. That set in motion two new movements.

The first movement was the Marxists taking over the environmental movement and focusing it on Climate change based on the work of Dr. James Hansen and VP Al Gore and then Bill Gates. The premise of this new group was that the world’s population was too large which was lifted from the work of Robert Malthus’s theory that population would expand geometrically while food production would only expand arithmetically leading to starvation was published in 1798. The theory had proved to be false but that didn’t matter. The Club of Rome picked up Malthus ideas and published The Limits to growth in 1972 and we now had the frame work or the New World order (NW)).

The NOW need a wedge to save the world from itself and James Hansen’s Theory of CO2 being a gas that would create a runaway increase in heat that would turn the earth into a hell hole of extreme heat like Venus was just what they needed. Hanses work was endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences in their Ad Hoc study group’s report on climate chaired by Jule G. Charney in 1979, known today as the Charney report. This lead to the UN Conference on Environment and development held in Rio de Janeior in 1992 that produced a report called Agenda 21 which was the start of the reduce the carbon movement. The report was non-binding but signed by H W Bush (41) and funded by President Clinton.   

The Marxists now had all they needed; a way to large population that was using too much carbon based fuels because that was going to destroy the planet, because CO2 from burning fossil fuels was going to turn the planet into an unlivable hot house according to Hansen. Therefor the population had to be drastically reduced to eliminate carbon based fuels. They knew that the Green Energy (wind and solar) could never replace the carbon based fuels.

The second movement was created when the European countries formed the European Union (EU) in 1992 with the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. This union was to create a power block for economic and social purposes with a single currency the EU. Unfortunately, there were fundamental flaws built into the system that appeared in the 2008 crash, which then created a sovereign debt crisis in the EU. The structural flaw was compounded by the policies of those in power in the EU when they went to negative interest rates on government debt. This meant they could no longer borrow money from the private sector.

Within a half dozen years the European powers realized they had created a major problem, which of course they could not admit to, so they began to develop a new economic system bringing together the main drivers of Science, politics and economics: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Thierry Malleret, George Soros, and Klaus Schwab (GOMSS). The plan would be called The Great Reset and it required a new economics system using Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). The plan will be implemented in January 2021 at the next World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos between January 25 – 29 2021.

The system they wanted required central control of all major countries in Western Civilization and they started to the planning to implement it during the Obama administration by destabilizing the Middle East and creating racial tensions in the US with groups like Occupy Wall Street which morphed into black life’s matter (BLM) and Antifa this was very easy to do because the US schools and colleges had begun teaching Marxism (using different names) during the Clinton and Bush administrations in earnest. But they still needed one key element a disaster of some kind to justify the planned change. Bill Gates delivered that in 2019 (the Wuhan Virus). It’s not clear whether China was aware of this but they certainly took advantage of it to spread the virus around the world.

The World Health Organization the CDC the NIH and Liberty University in London all participated in developing the proper narrative to get to a worldwide lock down. Google, Facebook and Twitter aided the process by censoring all counter information on the COVID-19 no matter the source. Their only obstacle was President Trump who had managed to block much of The Great Rest agenda in his first three years. They could not tolerate another four years so they activated their voter control system which had not been used in 2016 since they had made a major blunder believing Trump could not beat Hillary. Further, Trump was very popular with the middle class and a greater proportion of all the minority groups than any previous Republican because he had created full employment. That meant that he would be very hard to beat in 2020

Their voter control system is based on the equipment and software developed by a Diebold subsidiary Premier Election Solutions which was sold to a competitor ES&S in 2009. That morphed into Smartmatic and Dominion Software today among others. The Hardware and software is designed to give an outside party the ability to change votes. This was why the virus was so important as it gave GOMSS the ability to create a panic using mail in voting so they could use the Smartmatic system in the 2020 election.

Fox news was the key to their plan since it had to be coordinated and the signal was when Fox strangely called Arizona for Biden very early. That signal keyed all the Democrat controlled counties (with large major cities) to stop counting which they all did in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. The rest is history and the rebel alliance (MAGA) in support of President Trump should be able to prove this before it’s too late.

Below are a few links to videos to partially show proof of the above paragraphs, there is a lot more, but these few give a decent over view. Gates on over population, Moore showing Carbon is not a problem, WEF with an overview of The Great Reset, Armstrong’s description of the Great Rest, Reiner Fullmich explaining the problem with the PCR testing and lastly Sydney Powell with a summary of the Smartmatic system. This is as short as I can make it. I have been working on this issue since the early 1990’s albeit not in the present form but only from the sense that something was wrong.

Not is any particular order we have ….

Bill Gates

Patrick Moore

World Economics Forum (WEF)

Martin Armstrong

Reiner Fullmich

Sidney Powell

I’ll followup in a Post here soon with the time line for 2021.

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