Cancel Christmas? Come And Take IT!

Re-Posted from DEC 5, 2020 AT 11:09 AMUnlockedEarly Look-

Tina Toon Today!

Santa has his eye on the Democrat Grinches. Dr. Fauci, Gavin Newson, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and of course granny killer Cuomo the governor of New York all deserve a lump of coal this year.

These tin horn tyrants are trying their best to grab as much power as they can under the guise of a pandemic with a 99.7 % survival rate. They want you to stay home and not travel during the holidays. Yet the Mayor of Austin, Texas can enjoy his sunny vacation in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Gavin Newsom wants you to mask up and social distance even when outdoors, yet he can enjoy his fancy dinner maskless and with no social distancing. Remember rules are for the little people!

It’s time to push back. Don’t give into the fear. When they report climbing covid cases breathlessly on the Fake News channels, they are reporting cases, not deaths. More testing will ensure more cases. They are using covid fear to control the population. If they lose covid, they lose this control tool.  Yes, people have died from covid and it is terrible. But over 600,000 Americans die of heart disease EVERY YEAR. They don’t ban fat, salt and sugar because of that. You don’t have businesses being shut down and kids forced out of school because of heart disease.

The Constitution is not suspended because of a virus.

Ralphie knows if they take Christmas, they will take our second amendment next and then will follow mandatory vaccines and Chinese style vaccine id cards and social control.  Ralphie is making a stand.

Will you?

Merry Christmas! Welcome to the party pal!


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