Comrade Cuomo Shuts Down Indoor Dining in New York City

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree house on December 12, 2020 by Sundance

In another exhibition of COVID madness, the governor of New York has banned indoor eating in New York City to stem the spread of the virus.  However, the state’s own data shows a mere 1.4 percent of COVID-19 cases can be traced to restaurants.

It seems absolutely ridiculous when you think about proximity endeavors.  Consider that airplanes, buses and trains have no social distancing at all – while restaurants were only allowed to operate at 25 percent capacity.  Now restaurants can have no indoor service.

[New York Post] … In Manhattan, the capital of America’s restaurant business with more places, seats and customers than anywhere else, the new-infection rate is a mere 2.5 percent, compared with 5 percent in the state overall.

Yet absurdly, indoor dining is still allowed in most of the state including in areas with much higher infection rates.

The indoor ban’s the most painful to restaurant workers and to owners who went beyond the last mile to comply with the ever-changing rules for indoor and outdoor dining. (more)

Meanwhile…. Governor Cuomo plans to have a birthday bash:

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