Illegitimate Government and Control Mechanisms Require The Elimination of Communication, FIGHT IT

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on December 16, 2020 by Sundance

It is not coincidental that bars and taverns have been targeted for closure and control under the auspices of 2020’s COVID-19 fear and mitigation.

It is not coincidental that churches and fellowship gatherings have been targeted for closure and control under the auspices of COVID-19 fear and mitigation. Both of these assembly points and gathering places have a deep history within the American rebellion.

The Sons of Liberty plotted rebellion in the public houses of Boston such as the Green Dragon Tavern, which began operation as early as 1712.

Members of the St. Andrew’s Lodge of Freemasons, which included Paul Revere and Dr. Joseph Warren, purchased the Green Dragon Tavern in 1764 to use as their headquarters.

In the fall of 1774, Revere, Warren, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and other members of the Sons of Liberty met in secret at the tavern to exchange intelligence gathered on the movement of British soldiers in and around Boston. By some accounts the plot for the Boston Tea Party was also hatched inside.

So pivotal were the secret meetings inside the Green Dragon Tavern that statesman Daniel Webster called it “the headquarters of the Revolution.” (link)

Fast forward 250 years later and the modern rebellion against leftist authoritarianism is now facing an identical issue.  Individual members of the rebel alliance are having to use covert methods just to meet and discuss issues, grievances and concerns about liberty.

Additionally, modern social media communication has been intentionally throttled.  As seen in the recent actions by Google/YouTube any challenge to the command and control authority will not be permitted.  Any voices who raise questions about the legitimacy of our government will be silenced.  The effort to block communication is happening in real places (bars and taverns) and in the digital space (the internet).

Less than a week after the November 3rd election our own voice was targeted to be silenced.  Our Treehouse gathering place was razed by big tech, WordPress/Automattic, for violating opaque terms of service – for which they could not provide a single example.

As an illegitimate government intends to extend its power to control We The People, we would be wise to understand the purpose of cutting communication lines and attempting to isolate us.  In the bigger picture any war strategy is more effective when the communication lines are disrupted.  Do not doubt this is an actual war against the core principles of freedom and liberty.

The totalitarians have a strategy, and a big part of that strategy is to isolate us from assembling against their interests.  This is why fellowship is so critical and all efforts to remain in communication must remain a primary focus.

Ultimately what the collective weight of progressiveness is putting upon us is isolation.  There are so many historic references to this strategic sentiment it is disconcerting to review with hindsight.

We are not sages, but we saw this coming…. we just didn’t know the entry vector that would be used to accomplish the final stages of diminished freedom and individual liberty.  As we look at the current COVID-19 mandates and dictates one cannot easily dismiss the weaponized use of a virus to attain division under the guise of “social distancing.”

When we initially asked the question: “where would you choose to live“, we had no idea a virus would be purposeful to enhance the objectives of social engineering, isolation and ultimately, painfully, oppression.  Oblivious to the grand design, we allowed a seemingly disparate network of big tech companies to control communication.  The COVID aspect now generates in the physical world exactly the same distance created in the digital world.

In/around July it was obvious in my travels we were on the precipice of a disconnect from human interaction that would numb our psyche to what ultimately matters, fellowship.

Not only are various governmental agencies forcing the separation of people from their community networks, we are also seeing faith-based organizations, churches, buying into the fear.  Even in areas where churches are not forcibly shut down, many are seeing a structural shift where some faith leaders are willingly ostracizing their community under the guise of various COVID alarms.  This is not good…. not good at all.

Fellowship is the essential ingredient to a purposeful life.  How and why we interact with each-other is how and why we recharge our core humanity.  To see faith leaders willing to separate from the function of fellowship is alarming.  However, as individuals we must not allow this foreboding sense to become the normal expectation.

Throughout history large armies have been defeated through the process of division.  It is not a leap to see the same strategic objectives being deployed against social assemblies including congregations.  It is puzzling how leadership cannot see the danger in social and spiritual distance when the bond of fellowship is needed more than ever.

Each of us has a different connection to our community. Each of us has a different level of internal strength… such is the nature of living.  However, the distance between people is manifestly not a good outcome when combined with the lack of food for the soul.

The influence of social media is already troublesome, physically distancing from human engagement only worsens the impact.  There is no digital replacement for the true fellowship of humanity on a personal level.

Ultimately it is the currency of human connection that is the true value in our lives.

We have each felt how our positive influence upon the lives of others nourishes our own sense of purpose and fulfillment… Do not lose that.  Do not think you can compensate for that through other arbitrary measures; you cannot.

With local, state and now federal leaders moving beyond the workplace distance; and beyond the community distance; and beyond the church distance; and now entering your home to tell you the importance of separating yourself from your family during a time of year when that very assembly is the core of your support network… you must evaluate these arbitrary decrees very deliberately.

Evaluate very closely what you are willing to give up.  Perhaps we are in this position today because we didn’t sit still enough and contemplate the real priorities in our lives.

Our liberty is inherent.

Our freedom is inherent.

The removal of both requires consent.

We do not consent.

Pushed far enough decisions are reached.

~ Sundance

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