Our Socialist Sick Government Across US is Indifferent to Failing Economy, Waste & Human Suffering

Cheap LED UV Lights Disinfect COVID: Low Tech Bully Govt Failing US Business

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Kelly OConnell —— Bio and ArchivesDecember 21, 2020

INTRO: Israeli COVID UV LED Light Breakthrough: A new breakthrough from Israel establishes UV lights to disinfect areas from COVID. Further, using LED light sources, these inexpensive 185 nm bulbs are highly effective. It’s therefore troubling such an easy answer to safety wasn’t discovered by incredibly sophisticated states like NY and CA, but found by the tiny nation of  Israel.

Hemorrhaging Trillions: Now, do you believe our government  prefers mindlessly hemorrhaging trillions instead of investing in our nation’s businesses to create a virus safety net? Such leadership decisions aiding businesses would inject money into the construction industry and keep restaurants and other small shuttered businesses open, removing the necessity of giving cash to idled workers. It would also keep employees from depression and related drug use, and other negative outcomes. 

Safe Airplanes: Since these lights cannot be used directly on humans given their power, another related discovery could come in handy. Recently, the US Military tested airplanes and found “It’s almost impossible to get Covid on airplane:” 

A new military-led study unveiled Thursday shows there is a low risk for passengers traveling aboard large commercial aircraft to contract an airborne virus such as COVID-19—and it doesn’t matter where they sit on the airplane. Researchers concluded that because of sophisticated air particle filtration and ventilation systems on board—airborne particles within the cabin have a very short lifespan.

Combining LED & Sophisticated Airflow: It’s possible to combine these two elements – UV LED disinfectant lighting and sophisticated air filtration to make restaurants almost bulletproof against COVID. An air circulation system circulating air from table areas which filtered and exposed air to UV rays, then put it back into the eating area would be splendid. It would be a better use of trillions of dollars instead of simply paying employees not to work.

It’s Already Being Done: If America gets numerous companies to simultaneously create vaccines in a few months, surely building a functional disinfectant air system in most businesses isn’t impossible. Further, these businesses will stay open, paying salaries and taxes. 

In fact, the Miami Dolphins already designed such an air system.

UV-C LED maker Crystal created a ceiling-mounted air circulation system to deactivate the coronavirus in occupied rooms. The unit is an ambient lighting troffer from Healthe Inc, equipped with air filtration mechanisms. Healthe has installed about forty 2×2-ft fixtures into dropped ceilings inside the locker room and other facilities for the Miami Dolphins football team in Miami Gardens, FL.

Failed Leadership: Leaders across America have directed us towards economic suicide in the name of survival. So, where are the compassionate and principled civil leaders who actually care about failed businesses, suffering unemployed workers and heart-rending, family shattering bankruptcies? These casual shutdowns and mindless parroting of other state’s rules is the worst kind of “leading.”

One Answer to All Problems? Many businesses will fail these repeated shutdowns because leftist mayors or governors worship a  bureaucratic model claiming there is one answer to all complex problems. Therefore, all leaders must line up and follow. Instead, where are creative and gutsy citizen-leaders willing to oppose the stupid and avoidable destruction of our economy? The anti-Capitalist, anti-normal-human grudge is truly jaw-dropping.  Is there anything more depressing than leadership by those convinced we are not important enough to expect smart and passionate advocacy?

CONCLUSION: Please don’t pretend government investment in private business saving untold jobs is the worst choice. If our government is hellbent on pouring cash across America, it’s better than spending TRILLIONS  trying to replace all salaries. Please vote for independent-minded and principled leaders who use common sense in directing our populace towards a better world – not destroying everything good in the name of angry Marxist fantasies. 

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