Is It Time to Start a Third Party? – A Presentation by Dr Steve Turley and Support From CTH

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 7, 2021 by Sundance

The question around a third party has been debated on the pages of CTH for over a decade.  After CTH researched each of the last four UniParty U.S. presidential elections we came to the conclusion in 2015 it was necessary to break the two-club system.

It was the need for a third party; and CTH recognizing Donald Trump as the outside pragmatic independent voice who personified a third option; that initiated our 2015 support for what everyone was calling the “long-shot” outsider candidate at the time.

With the American electorate now awake to political issues around the UniParty; and with evidence of 74 million+ Trump voters, and entrenched republican party unwillingness to be an independent second party option; the question about a third party is far more prevalent.  In this video Dr Steve Turley uses the example of Brexit in 2019 to highlight how a third party in the U.S. could actually succeed.  WATCH:

We need to deal with the voting integrity issues on a state level, that is where we must engage and fight to fix issues with ballot fraud.   That fix requires state legislation to address and control mail-in ballot use. They cannot use the COVID excuse forever.

Then, and only then, I would take the third party discussion one step further….

… Given what we have witnessed in the past four years, how can we fathom NOT creating a third party?   The two current parties, democrat and republican, are wings of the exact same big government bird.  There is no viable option except to form another party.

The “reform from within” proposal is a good idea; meaning to take over the apparatus of the GOP and force change from within the party.  However, unlike the EU models cited there are structural protective systems within the DNC and RNC that protect them from being taken over.  We are seeing that structural issue with RNC support for newly elected terrible candidates like Mitt Romney in 2018.

The RNC doesn’t even attempt to field or enlist candidates against weak or ineffective republican incumbents.  Exactly the opposite is true.  The RNC will not support, with logistics or data sharing as examples, any primary challenges against incumbent Republican politicians.

This is how the club retains control and protection over the members; so it is somewhat of a futile effort to attempt to takeover a party that has built in self-defense mechanisms.  Just look at how the RNC structurally failed to legally (or proactively) support President Trump, because from the outset never passed the club’s entry and purity test.

As a consequence a third party is needed even if you want to take over the republican party as the long-term goal.  There needs to be an architecture, a framework, for a challenger to mount a primary effort against an incumbent RINO or uniparty republican.

The primary challenge framework needs to include independent fundraising systems outside the RNC control.  That independent financial mechanism is how Donald Trump was eventually able to mount a successful insurgency against the RNC candidates in 2016.

Without a third party influence; and considering the rule-books used by the RNC; the predictable 2024 republican presidential election will field these final four candidates.

DeSantis is closest to MAGA.  Noem is MAGA-lite with Koch Brothers edge.  Haley will be the supported RNC candidate. Cruz (term expires in 2024) will play the role of controlled opposition, conservative-base splitter, all while gaining material wealth.

CTH can clearly see this traditional RNC approach with Nikki Haley in 2024 as the establishment front-runner like Jeb Bush in 2016.

If we do not initiate an outsider option using the MAGA community as the base, these four will be used by the RNC to install Nikki Haley.

The final RNC club argument will come down to club elites who demand that a woman be the next Republican front-runner.  Those same elites will have “Palinized” Kristi Noem by implanting club operatives inside the Noem camp intended to undermine her campaign.

Any candidate working inside the RNC club structure will be vulnerable to the RNC club leveraging against them at a specific moment.  The club pick is already well known to those who have: (a) followed the club ¹events; (b) followed the years of club rule-books; and (c) who know the exact road-map the club deploys for every election.

[¹Use CTH site search tool.  Type in “Nikki Haley – then spend a few hours catching up]

If there is no outside candidate with independent resources the club will pick Nikki Haley just like the club was trying to pick Jeb Bush (’16)…. just like the club picked Mitt Romney (’12),.. just like the club picked John McCain (’08)…  Wash-Rinse-Repeat.

The outsider (3rd party candidate) needs to be the MAGA candidate, and that structural support needs to exist early on, just like outsider Trump was able to create in 2015.

We need to work on this soon and create the third-party endorsement system quickly to start preparing with valid candidates for the 2022 mid-term primary races.

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