Nancy Pelosi Leads Charge For Trump Impeachment, Can’t Have The Worry About That Pesky Rebellion Resurfacing

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 7, 2021 by Sundance

We have the reality of around 100 million real MAGA army members staring toward a leftist opposition front containing battalions of cardboard cutouts (mail-in ballots). No amount of media marginalization is ever going to change the reality of that political landscape. That’s why they are trying so hard.  Cue Nancy Pelosi:

(Politico) – Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday called for Vice President Mike Pence to immediately initiate the removal of President Donald Trump, declaring him a seditious threat to the country who can’t be trusted to finish even the last two weeks of his term.

Pelosi’s extraordinary statement … lends significant weight to a mounting Democratic effort to oust Trump, either by impeaching him for the second time or pressuring Pence and Cabinet officials to invoke the 25th Amendment process. (read more)

For an incoming administration presenting themselves publicly so confident of their electoral victory, they sure are trying hard to eliminate the voices of dissent.  It’s as if the opposition realizes their scheme resulted in minority rule needing to control the masses.

I digress…

I wrote what follows five years ago and was reminded about it today:

The UniParty

2016 – There is only one political enterprise occupying our nations capitol. Many people call that enterprise “the UniParty“. Succinct in both description and accuracy, the UniParty members live very well within a fortified and defended castle we call DC.

Within the UniParty there are factions, each with their own flag. One flag represented by a Donkey, the other represented by an elephant. Life inside the DC castle is very good, there are infinite indulgences – both factions enjoy it very much.

There’s not much difference between the two factions when they are inside the castle, and any visitor will attest to it being impossible to determine who’s on whose side.

However, when they travel outside the castle they must keep up appearances and seem entirely different from each-other.

They wear different colors when outside the walls, to make sure there’s an distinct optic presented for those who don’t live in the castle. It’s a rather unusual game to follow.

campaign cartoon

From time to time the colors flying at the top of the castle changes.

A few seasons of a blue-flagged donkey, a few seasons of a red-flagged elephant – each taking time serving as the pinnacle flag.

However, the behavior inside does not change much. Other than a few executive suites necessarily shifting depending on the flag, not much changes.

It’s the same opulent dinner served every night in the grand dining hall regardless of who’s flag sits atop the spire. All those who live within the castle live a very comfortable life.

In the land due North of the castle live the clans of the progressive folk. In the land due South of the castle live the clans of the conservative folk. The Northern Clans led by the Donkey flag bearers. The Southern Clans are led by the Elephant flag bearers. The castle is, by historic design, in the mid-region.

Almost no-one who lives a long indulgent life inside the castle ever wants to leave it. It becomes home, their place of comfort and security. Few even remember what it’s like in the Northern or Southern lands where the clan folk live. Every occupant has a litany of hand-maidens, aides and servants; and like the indulgences, they increase with tenure.

From time to time a rebellion may rise from either the Northern or Southern clan folk. Restlessness depending upon the season, the harvest and the level of the indulgency fees which are required to be delivered to the castle.

According to the elder clan-folk it has always been thus…. Sometimes the rebellion leads to a changing of the colors atop the spire, other times it doesn’t.

Life inside the castle is good. Those who manage the day-to-day indulgences give away more than would normally be afforded to anyone living outside their authority and protection.

New scribes are kept in line by showing them the dungeon during the occasional orientation, and contrasting the dreary confines against the opulent life of those who go along. Velvet pillows or a canvas cot, the decision is immediately yours – most choose comfy. And so the circular lifestyle continues inside the castle.

Meetings to choose between Tuna or Swordfish are commonplace; other more divisive matters are intentionally overlooked. The last treasurer or keeper of the coin was killed so long ago their name is all but a distant memory. It is far easier to ignore the treasury and act as if all indulgences are infinite; and so they do.

However, a story is now rumored inside the castle of a Northerner who became wise to the castle life, and who broke custom by traveling to the Southern clan. According to those who hold some knowledge, he is mounting a rebellion against the entire enterprise itself.

Apparently he is being quite successful in his efforts.

The castle leadership initially dismissed the rumor as chatter amid the walls; they have heard such nonsense before; nothing ever came of such absurdity.

But this time it seems different, quite real according to dispatch. Quite, well, possible.

Contingencies are prepared; and as incredulous as it sounds – there’s a considerable argument, not about who is in charge, but rather who wants their flag of ownership atop the castle when/if he actually arrives to inventory the assets.

Castle leadership are considering things never considered before, in multiple ways the people have never heard discussed. In all recent years these council meetings were so informal and indulgent everyone thought this was the historic manner of business.

Now, at least according to those who hear the closed-door whispering, there were times of far lesser opulence, and far lower indulgence.

A discussion amid castle management is taking place which is unnerving to those who have known no other lifestyle. And, well, at least according to the chatter by those closest to the leadership, no-one wants to be in charge any more.

This is all very odd, and very curious.

We have the reality of around 100 million real MAGA army members staring toward a leftist opposition front containing battalions of cardboard cutouts (mail-in ballots).

No amount of media marginalization is ever going to change the reality of that political landscape.

That, my friends, is why they are trying so hard.

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