Meaning In The Midst Of Mayhem

And to those corrupt and treasonous actors who have betrayed and vilified the good and the righteous: eternity is a long time–wherever you spend it

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By Dave Merrick —— Bio and ArchivesJanuary 10, 2021

2000 years ago Jesus, the ONLY Savior of mankind, the undisputed most controversial Jewish guy ever (and a son of David, today still God in human flesh), had just left Pontius Pilate’s porch dragging a big rugged cross upon which he was about to be crucified. Because our loving God/Creator did not simply make a ‘Jesus bot’ to come, suffer and die for the sins of the people he loved so much, the Holy Spirit had, thirty-three years earlier, impregnated Mary, a descendant of King David, with our Lord and Savior. And so God’s Son, (a.k.a. “The Word” of the Holy Trinity), who had just been beaten senseless, was about to walk to his death on the hill they called ‘Golgotha’ (meaning: ‘place of the skull’). He would there be tacked to that big (probably sycamore) cross and ‘bleed out’ just like a meat sacrifice that the Temple priests would drain of its blood before it was consumed in flame. The smoke of that burning meat caused that big Temple in Jerusalem to smell like the best steakhouse you have ever experienced. And to the heart of God, and in the hearts of His sincere priests and followers, the smell of that great Temple of Solomon was just as exciting and attractive as the steakhouse.

Today we have seen that same sort of egregious hypocrisy replayed before our very eyes

Of course, you’ve heard about Jesus. He is the only Creator and Savior of the world. He is both, still and simultaneously, the “root and offspring of David.”  Nevertheless, today there is a devil-driven group of selfish, insane maniacs (demons all, dirty politicians, lovers of money, idolaters of all sorts, and the weak-hearted and ignorant allies and followers of those groups) at large. They again want to kill (get rid of) Jesus so that a final battle between satan and God might result in the title-deed of all creation being handed to ‘beelzebub’ (formerly known as ‘lucifer,’ the rebel who had once been the mightiest and most beautiful of all God’s angels). [You can always distinguish who is leading real protests. God’s protesters don’t loot.]

That day, two millennia ago, at the beginning of that path to Golgotha, there were women in the crowd who felt great sorrow for Jesus. He had done nothing to deserve that horrific punishment. They felt shame for the priests who had just hours earlier run through the crowd at ‘the pavement’ in front of Pilate’s porch threatening that mob to demand Jesus’ crucifixion. (If that sounds like what today’s democrats or media have done you may have a clue there). And those women felt immense shame for their spineless husbands and acquaintances who had cried out for His death just as they had been commanded by those priests. (And if that sounds like some of President Trump’s cabinet members and some formerly trusted Republicans you may have another clue.)

After the soldiers beat Him Jesus could barely walk, let alone carry that massively heavy wooden cross. So some Roman soldiers tagged a big strong Cyrenian black man who very mercifully heaved Jesus’ death instrument to the summit of Golgotha—the ugly rock knob out at the edge of town where the Roman justice system killed their felons. Before taking another step, Jesus turned back for a moment and spoke to the weeping women. He said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bear, and the paps which never gave suck. Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us. For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” (Luke Chapter 23, KJV).

Satan has fought hard to eject God from our government, our schools and businesses

I believe that Jesus was there comparing the rotten events of those days with similar rotten events that would be happening at the end of the world—at the time of His return. Though there was no mass communication back then, all the people knew that the authorities and officials had totally cheated in condemning Jesus. Today we have seen that same sort of egregious hypocrisy replayed before our very eyes. And though he is only a man, Donald J. Trump has, under the same sort of hypocrisy out of the same sort of people, been condemned and essentially crucified in front of the watching eyes of an entire nation and world that know the truth behind that lying travesty. I will shift thoughts for a moment…

Pseudoscience has for years bashed people over the head with the Cinemascopic and richly orchestrated fable that our lives and the universe around us are all the result of billions upon billions of years of lucky explosions and chemical accidents (all originating out of nothingness, of course). But Jesus knew—and good science confirms—that our Earth and its inhabitants are maybe ten thousand years old at the most. You can laugh at that. I don’t doubt that many of you are snickering. But it is true, nonetheless. It is tough talking about God to people who don’t sing in the choir. The very real devil has been working, ever since our beginning, to convince people that even the idea of an ‘all-powerful God who made and knows everything’ is a ghost story made up to keep people in line. And, admittedly, a lot of the cults (false religions) have used junk theology for precisely that purpose. But we no longer have time to argue any of that. Now let’s talk about the Lord as well as current events.

A short-lived America is now ready to be surgically eviscerated and re-created in the dictates of professional politicians

Jesus and the prophets of the Bible left us what I like to call ‘proof texts.’ We were given time-sensitive prophecies of things that would happen through the centuries, thousands of years apart, to confirm the omniscience and perfect omnipotence of the very God who made us [and freely admits that He hides from us] (Isaiah 45:15, etc.). To name one of many of those prophecies, the reestablishment of the nation of Israel, after its disappearance thousands of years ago, happened officially in 1948. Just as He said He would, God brought people, Jews, from all over the earth to rebuild their homeland/nation that had all but died out centuries earlier! And, just as He said (Ezekiel, Matthew, etc.) many of those returning Jews would not even believe in Him! But satan has fought hard to eject God from our government, our schools and businesses, and very nearly even our churches. Many churches today spout the Bible and sing hymns but don’t really demonstrate any belief or three-dimensional faith in the true God. The adversary of our souls has always known that the moment we acknowledge the existence of God we must also acknowledge responsibility for our behavior before Him. But if we believe we are only highly sophisticated primates, eventually we will easily begin to act like that. And that gruesome, primitive behavior is unquestionably manifesting itself everywhere on today’s insane earth as we speak.

Jesus compared the madness of His completely undeserved crucifixion with the madness that would be happening when this ‘tree’ we occupy and comprise is old and dry—like a pile of seasoned firewood. Indeed, RIGHT THIS MOMENT, the MADNESS of an out-of-control mankind is bursting into fires all around us, worldwide. And right now, as America is falling, a gleeful devil is happy that the last barricade between his godless chaos and a moral, FREE, conscience-driven Constitutional Republic has craftily been turned over on its beam ends. A short-lived America is now ready to be surgically eviscerated and re-created in the dictates of his professional politicians who are no more than his obedient puppets. In short order, our freedom of speech will entirely disappear. True, biblical Christianity will be effectively declared ‘hate speech.’ And we will eventually be primed for a ‘one world’ unified religion which will consolidate all the false religions into one universal ‘church’. We are about to see the unfolding of an unprecedented saturation of terror emanating from a government unchecked by anything other than special interest forced oversight. The last leader we had who was working to try to keep things fair was brought down by a lying news media working in conjunction with a group of traitors posing as trusted friends and colleagues. Truly, now the tree is dead, dried and instantly bursting into flame in places we never imagined. Next stop—the mark of satan’s beast.

Bible shows us that there are moments in our history where wickedness certainly seems to prevail

But what has most shocked me is the unbelievable impotence of today’s believing, professing Christians. They have no knowledge of Scripture. They see the Bible as largely a big mysterious book comprised of two chapters—Old’ and ‘New.’ They see Jesus as an add-on to the 10 Commandments. And the “holiest” people are those professing Christians with the most money or possessions. But nothing could be further from the truth! When the plague-thing cranked up, I was truly expecting Christians to be out in force telling the world about our soon returning Jesus. Instead, nearly all the Christians I knew were simply bickering about what medicines could best address the problem, and what masks were most effective and where to find them. There was no mention of Jesus’ talking about ‘plague and pestilence’ on the rise in the days before his return (Luke chapter 11).

The most important part of this rant converges back to these final points. If you have missed everything else, don’t miss this!

Jesus came and lived the perfect life for us! When He died for our sins, the curtain in the temple ripped in half! Why? Because God was thereby inviting all who wanted to come—right into His presence! He beckoned us to PLEASE COME RIGHT IN! Any church that tells you that you need a priest or any other pastor, group, go-between or special study material to bring you closer to Jesus/God is not telling you the truth. Jesus satisfied ALL the demands of the impossible legalism of the Old Testament. No imperfect man could ever keep all the holiness prescribed in the old covenant. No, the Old Testament was indeed a schoolmaster to show us that we all needed JESUS’ BLOOD ALONE (Galatians chapter 3, 1Corinthians 15:1-8) to thoroughly cleanse our hearts before God!

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