The Control Mechanisms Expand, Big Tech (Facebook) Targets Ron Paul

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on January 11, 2021 by Sundance

It is not just Donald Trump and his 100+ million supporters of freedom and liberty being targeted, Big Tech is now moving against any voice that would be problematic for the goals and objectives of JoeBama.  Today Facebook targets Ron Paul.


The totalitarian enterprises are global in scale.  As many have noted, this will not stop with just targeting President Trump and his supporters.  Big Tech is now advancing against all voices they deem adverse to their ideological agenda.   This is only the beginning.

We can well expect to see this approach metastasize quickly and spread to other nations (Brazil, Poland, Hungary) where nationalist and populist movements are visible.

Extreme control is a reaction to fear.  The globalists, writ large, are fearful of the population.  We are at the inflection point.

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