What is Bill Gates Up too with His Vaccines and Dominance in the Medical Field, if You are Curious then you Must Read this entire post!

A dozen, or so, years ago, Bill Gates became worried about Climate Change and gave a TED talk on what the world had to do to save us from extinction (that post is no longer there). In that presentation Gates stated that one of the variables in his equation had to go to zero to stop Carbon Dioxide from killing all of us.  Now keep in mind that Gates does not have any degrees (he dropped out of college to form Microsoft) and knows little about anything but making money with software. We do however recognize that he was very good at that but we must also understand that he had no formal training or studies in anything else. Power without knowledge is very dangerous.

Gates’ vision is a world with less than a billion people and probably closer to 500 million. This world will be very clean and use only solar PV or Wind to power this Utopian Dream. Everything will be perfect and safe for those that reside in that world. Dreams of that kind are neither practical nor doable but that never stops those that have these visions: like Karl Marx who also had a vision of a perfect world Marxism. Unfortunately that vision brought us WW I,  WW II and the cold war and hundreds of millions of dead people, and Marxism has still not been eliminated as the evil system that it is.

Gates has managed to merge Marxism, Environmentalism, Climate change and World health into one Political system using technology, which he is very good at. His vision makes George Orwell’s “1984” look like it was done by a rank amateur. If Gates even comes close to achieving his objectives we will be living in utter Hell! His vision will destroy western civilization in total.

The first time I posted the following information I thought that James Corbett did a decent summery of Gates and it was worth watching. The videos were posted on U Tube.

The story of Bill gates from James Corbett. These four U Tube videos were available in October 2020. Today only one is still on U Tube Part Two of a Four part series see below. This post was Re-Posted On February 11, 20211.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

When I found that these U Tube videos were taken down a few weeks ago (the end of January 2021) I went back to the original source The Corbett Report and found that they were still available there albeit they were hard to find on his site. What follows next are the four videos from The Corbett Report. They are not in the original order.

I also found that there was a post that combined the four parts and I have a link at after the individual ones. The combined video is two hours long and that is why the original was in four parts.

The purpose of this post is to show how Big tech is censoring information so that, we the people, do not have all the information to make informed decisions. It is critical that we know who Bill Gates is as he is a very evil man.

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