The Professionally Republican Gather at Sea Island Again, Strategizing 2022 Plans to Thwart Political Challenge to DC Power

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 7, 2022 

The Sea Island Summit has always been the DeceptiCon gathering of Wall Street elites to cloister themselves and plan a strategy to protect their interests from the base of republican voters.

The only people invited to the gathering are the self-described UniParty elites who view their power as a position to rule the proles.  The Tea Party and MAGA community have long been the pebble in the shoe of the Sea Island group.

Heck, this very website and discussion group exists as an outcome of accepting the intent of the DeceptiCon class and making a purposeful self-respecting decision to stop being a victim of their UniParty assembly.  Battered conservative, no more.

The American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum is hosted at Sea Island specifically for the purposes of planning how to manipulate registered Republican voters into supporting their agenda.

This year is no different.  Attendees include the customary cocktail class donors, Mitch McConnell DeceptiCons, Never Trumpers, child traffickers and sexploitation enablers like the Lincoln Project and many more corporate types.

The goal is always the same, protect the business operations in Washington DC at all costs.  With the 2022 election year upon us, and with the primary season starting soon, the GOPe wing of the UniParty must share and discuss their strategic defense initiatives.

People used to call this the “establishment” Republicans, but really, that’s too generic a word for what they do.  These are the deceptive elites – the lying, conniving, scheming bastards. They represent the vile pus at the bottom of a lanced boil from a rotting blue whale carcass that can stink an entire city.  They call themselves conservatives, hence “DeceptiCons” gets the specificity of their intent.

As noted in a CBS outline of attendees, the gathering is being led by Robert Doar, a vile-mannered Republican and beneficiary of Michael Bloomberg’s money.   From the Senate, Mitch McConnell will be joined by Senator Tim Scott (SC) a familiar attendee, Senator Susan Collins of Maine, and retiring Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

The pontificating Jonah Goldberg will also be there to share his sanctimonious hatred of the unwashed masses, along with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.  The very worst of GOP politicians, or more aptly, walking piles of toxic excrement unworthy of elevated status to useful manure status, will be in attendance.   Florida Senator Rick Scott and New York Congresswoman Elise Stephanik will also attend, likely to capture the open checkbook lunches.

Not a single Republican who has ever attended these Sea Island summits has ever held a position of value to the working class of the Republican Party.  Not one.  A few of the stealthier characters, those who duck down in the seats before they reach the security gates, have fooled the voters; however, as with all things conniving, their true nature always surfaces, eventually.

Mike Pence will likely attend (though he is not in the scant CBS outline), and you can bet the 2024 DeceptiCon approved candidate will be in the mix somewhere.  AEI tries to hide the political guest list because of websites like us who have caught on to the schemes (think splitter strategy).  However, if I were betting, I’d say names like Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney, John Thune, Joni Ernst and Kristi Noem will likely be behind the windows of the dark tinted SUV’s arriving late in the evening.

Seated in the Corinthian chairs will be the McConnell’s, Portman’s, Thune’s, Barrasso’s, Blunt’s, Bush’s, Cheney’s and more.  The GOP donors will be the typical who’s who of Wall Street with some tech and war industry folks blended in.

This year the White House is sending a team including Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese.  It’s bipartisan, they say, but the underlying reality is one we have always noted.  There is only one UniParty bird in Washington DC, an always hungry vulture with two wings, Democrats and Republicans.

The Sea Island Summit 2022 will have the exact same purpose as Sea Island 2016.  Stop the influence of Donald Trump, and do whatever it takes to crush those pesky working class Tea Party and MAGA people.

The people who attend Sea Island don’t give a rat’s ass if it is their Democrats or their Republicans who retain power. What they cannot and will not tolerate, is a rise of power to benefit middle-America, the working class.  It has always been thus.

[Read About This Years Event Here]

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