Pentagon Spox Underscores Sending NATO Planes Into Ukraine Would Be Dangerous “High Risk” Escalation of Conflict Which Could Lead to World War III With Russia

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 9, 2022 | Sundance 

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby held a press briefing today (full video below) to underscore the U.S. military does not support the sending of any NATO planes into Ukraine.  “The intelligence community has assessed that the transfer of MiG-29s to Ukraine may be mistaken as escalatory and could result in significant Russian reaction that might increase the prospects of a military escalation with NATO,” Kirby said. “Therefore, we also assess that the transfer of MiG-29s to Ukraine to be high risk,” he continued.

Now ask yourself this question:

How could the transfer of MiG-29’s evolve from a “green light” position by the U.S. State Department Sunday, into a “high risk” assessment by the Pentagon today? 

This is the question that no U.S. media will touch, because the answer is almost too jaw-dropping to contemplate.  However, this answer must be outlined in order to fully grasp what took place.

The events of the past 96 hours, on this issue, are perhaps the most critical moments in modern U.S. history, that must be fully understood to fathom what has just happened and what dangers exist from within the current White House administration.

When we were discussing the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, we noted two competing factions within the U.S. national security apparatus.  One group is the Pentagon, the other is a completely rogue operation coming from the State Department.  In the Afghanistan example, the issues surfaced within the blame casting for the crisis upon exit.  In this current example, things are far more serious.

Last weekend, the US Department of State, Secretary Anthony Blinken, made the unilateral claim that Poland -a NATO ally- was approved by the State Department to send fighter jets into Ukraine.   Blinken was located in Moldova when he made the statement to three U.S. media outlets. Poland was caught completely off guard by Blinken’s statements, and only learned about them from the media reporting.

Hours later, western media, desperately pushing the pro-Ukraine defense position, began asking the Polish government for details of what Secretary Blinken had stated.  The Sunday afternoon reply from Poland was to call these media reports “fake news,” further stating they had no intention of sending their MiG-29 fighter jets into Ukraine territory.

It became stunningly clear that Secretary Blinken had never discussed the issue with Poland before making his statement.  Obviously, given the nature of the statement from the Pentagon yesterday and affirmed again today by spokesperson John Kirby, Secretary Blinken also did not discuss his position on the transfer of Polish (NATO) jets with the Pentagon.

Now pause for a moment and accept what is evident.  The US Secretary of State, seeking to leverage the public pressure of a global community aligned in favorability toward the Ukrainian people, unilaterally made a national security policy decision that would trigger an escalated NATO conflict with Russia.

The U.S. State Department was willing, intentionally and willfully willing, to set up a scenario that would draw the United States into war with Russia, and Secretary Blinken intended to trigger this “escalation” by pushing Poland into a corner of compliance – without ever discussing it with them.

By the time Blinken traveled to Poland (Monday), he was greeted and told the transfer of fighter jets he proposed and advocated for publicly was not something the Polish government would ever contemplate.

Now pause and put yourself in the position of Poland for a moment.

Obviously, this would be a ‘what the f**k‘ moment for them.

Poland was facing the three-headed Cerberus.  One head is where they are reliant upon the U.S. for military assistance as part of their alignment within NATO.  The second head is where Poland is not going to be the mechanism that starts a war. And the final head is the risk of Russia attacking them if Poland was to acquiesce to the unilateral Blinken proposal, which has been framed by Blinken as the position of Poland – which it never was.

Poland said no to Blinken and then shut up.

Poland apparently expected that Blinken would clean up this mess, and they were simultaneously providing him the diplomatic opportunity to do so.  However, by that time on Monday, allied government and western media were in a ‘save Ukraine‘ frenzy.

Suddenly there are international leaders saying they supported the position of Poland to send the jets.

Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and the CNN’s of the world were all talking about this inbound support for Ukraine that would save the day and stop the babies from being slaughtered in the streets by the horrible Putin.

But the problem was Poland never had anything, not one thing, to do with the Blinken plan; they never did.

Secretary Blinken made no effort to extract Poland from the situation he created for them; in fact, he did the opposite. Blinken stayed quiet while western government officials and media kept making inquiries of Poland Tuesday and Wednesday.

Eventually Poland had to extricate themselves from this box Secretary Blinken had built around them.

On Wednesday night, doing exactly the same thing Blinken did to them by not informing the U.S prior to their statement, Poland said they would send the jets to Ramstein AFB in Germany but would not send them to Ukraine.  Essentially, if Blinken wanted to use these jets to create his war with Russia, well, here they are – go for it.

Poland was calling Blinken’s bluff.

The U.S. Pentagon could not support the position Secretary Blinken put them in to, and immediately released a statement saying the proposal by Poland was “not tenable.”  The bizarre nature of the situation left everyone confused.

According to the United States government, per Anthony Blinken, sending planes from NATO base Poland was good.  However, according to the same United States government, sending planes from NATO base Germany was bad.  See the dichotomy?

This dueling scenario was not, and is not, a fracture within NATO.  What surfaced in the insanity is a fracture within the United States government as an outcome of a rogue U.S. State Department led by Secretary Anthony Blinken.

This rogue U.S. State Department now represents a key reference point, but the U.S. media will not discuss it.  This is another example of how the Fourth Branch of Government, a completely independent national security system, is operating.

A strong previous example is evident in the U.S. response to Libya, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted war with Kaddaffi, but President Obama was not originally in agreement.  Clinton sought help from French President Nicolas Sarkozy because President Obama was not on board.

At the beginning of Hillary’s Libya operation, Joint Chiefs Admiral McMullin and Defense Secretary Robert Gates were not on board with Hillary’s intervention plans, nor was Turkish President Recep Erdogan.  Secretary Clinton worked around the refusals by unilaterally going to the United Nations and NATO Supreme Commander General Stravridis.  Eventually, Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power created enough international momentum to force President Obama to intervene in Libya.  The rest is history.

The point to emphasize is how the U.S. State Department views itself as a unilateral government entity, permitted to conduct independent foreign policy operations regardless of U.S. interests.   This institutional mindset is the reference point for Secretary Blinken sitting in a chair in Moldova on Sunday and making strategic policy decisions without any discussion with Poland, NATO or anyone else.

Do not let this behavior of Secretary Blinken just fall away from your frame of reference without giving it the appropriate weight it deserves.  This is a very dangerous situation.

If Secretary Blinken been successful with his intended plan, we were about to enter a hot war with Russia and no one would realize how exactly it started.

Let this all sink in.

Here’s the presser:  Pentagon press secretary John Kirby on Wednesday discussed why the U.S. rejected Poland’s offer to send fighter jets to a U.S. airbase in Germany with the intention that they would be transferred to Ukraine’s military. Among other reasons, Kirby said transferring MiG-29 jets to Ukraine, “may be mistaken as being escalatory and could result in significant Russian reaction.”

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