Clueless Kamala Tells Democrat Audience Ukraine Is in NATO Alliance

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 12, 2022 | Sundance

Just when you think clueless Kammy couldn’t possibly embarrass herself more, she pipes up with statements like this.  Traditionally, one would expect the person representing the office of the vice president to know the members of NATO.   WATCH:


On a semi-related note, did you ever wonder if the need for the Ukraine War is a western government distraction connected to the looming economic collapse created by the same western government leadership when they deployed the COVID efforts?

Obviously, the multinationals know they have crushed the monetary system and subsequently set us on a path that destroys the global economy. Are they now using Ukraine to trigger a pre-planned Russian sanction detonation, knowing that will fracture trade markets and create the opening for western digital currencies, which fortuitously sync with the digital identities created by the vax passports?

If you knew a digital currency was going to surface as an international trade currency, wouldn’t there essentially be a race to control who creates it?  Could this outcome be an intended outcome hidden under the guise of a response to a detonation they controlled – an intended outcome that explains why the multinational corporations and WEF are all on board in the specific extremes of the sanctions?

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