Tucker Carlson Helps Maria Salazar Destroy Her Short-Lived Political Career

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 16, 2022 | Sundance 

House Republican Representative Maria Salazar is an identity based DeceptiCon politican from the Miami area.   As one of the newest House members, Salazar has cut her teeth in professional Republican DC circles with neocon war advocacy, comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty, and she was one of the House members to vote to approve Nancy Pelosi’s J6 committee to target political opposition.  Currently, Salazar waves the Ukraine flag while demanding war against Russia.

In short, Representative Salazar is a Bonafide Chamber of Commerce/Wall Street Republican who hides behind the shields of gender and race when challenged on her political advocacy.  Salazar won her election because President Trump flipped her Miami district.  However, since taking office she has been anti-MAGA in her positions.  Tucker called her out, WATCH:

These are the Nancy Pelosi “Republicans.”

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