Tucker Carlson Uses Fox ‘Royal We’ To Smear Sidney Powell

And that’s why so many disappointed Fox fans are telling Fox News, who likely count ‘The Tucker’ to save them are telling Fox, “So long, suckers!”

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Judi McLeod —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 20, 2020

Fox News top star Tucker Carlson allowed his own overblown ego to run away with him last night, all because Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell refused to share vote fraud evidence with him giving Fox the exclusive last week.

Carlson attacked Powell with the proverbial ‘Royal We’ in a style so aggressive that there are some who would now exchange the first letter of his first name with an ‘F’, dubbing him as F—-er Fox, or ‘FF’ for short.

“We asked the Trump campaign attorney for proof of her bombshell claims. She gave us nothing,” was his loudest lament.(Fox News, Nov., 19, 2020)

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“Giuliani, along with former federal prosecutor called Sidney Powell and a number of others, alleged that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. To demonstrate that, they exhibited some of what they found after two weeks of investigating. The presentation went on for 90 minutes with many different threads, about which more anon.”

Should Giuliani and company have first cleared it with Fox for a “presentation that went on for 90 minutes with many different threads?”

Certainly seems that way.

“On Sunday night, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” texted her after watching one of her segments. What Powell was describing would amount to the single greatest crime in American history. Millions of votes stolen in a day, democracy destroyed, the end of our centuries-old system of self-government. Not a small thing.”

In other words, Sidney Powell was doing the job that the mainstream media, including Carlson, should have been doing.  

“Now, to be perfectly clear, we did not dismiss any of it. We don’t dismiss anything anymore, particularly when it’s related to technology. We’ve talked to too many Silicon Valley whistleblowers and we’ve seen too much after four years on the air.  We literally do UFO segments, not because we’re crazy or even been interested in the subject, but because there is evidence that UFOs are real and everyone lies about it,” Carlson claimed.

How does one go from UFOs to Sidney Powell and Election Fraud in one clean sweep?

Carlson continued:

“There’s evidence that a lot of things that responsible people dismiss out of hand as ridiculous are in fact real. The louder the Yale political science department and the staff of The Atlantic magazine scream “conspiracy theory,” the more interested we tend to be. That’s usually a sign you’re over the target. A lot of people with impressive-sounding credentials in this country are frauds. They have no idea what they’re doing. They’re children posing as authorities. And when they’re caught, they lie and then they blame you for it. We see that every day. It’s the central theme of our show and will continue to be.”

Exactly, if one includes most of the mainstream and social media!

“So that’s a long way of saying we took Sidney Powell seriously with no intention of fighting with her. We’ve always respected her work, we simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sydney (sic)  Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention.”

Show first,  country second, eh Carlson?

“But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of polite requests. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her. When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they also told us Powell had never given them any evidence to prove anything she claimed today at the press conference.”

What “others”?

“Powell did say that electronic voting is dangerous, and she’s right, but she never demonstrated that a single actual vote was moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another. Not one.”

Is Fox trying to run the Trump campaign vote fraud allegations the way they ran Election 2020, by calling the Arizona vote for Joe Biden while people were still voting before going on to be the first major news outlet to anoint Biden “President-Elect?”

Some 70-odd million Americans would dearly like to know.

Trump Campaign Legal Team Holds Press Conference in DC

Here comes with the ‘Royal We’ again:

“Why are we telling you this? We’re telling you this because it’s true, and in the end, that’s all that matters. The truth is our only hope and our best defense. It’s how we’re different from them: We care what’s true and we know you care, too. Maybe Sidney Powell will come forward soon with details on exactly how this happened and precisely who did it. We are certainly hopeful that she will. What happened with the vote counting this month and at the polling places in Detroit and the polling places in Philadelphia and so much else actually matters. It matters no matter who you voted for.”

“There’s no longer any possible retreat—no coming back from the brink— for Fox News, who handed Election 2020 over to the socialists one week ago tomorrow.(CFP, Nov. 10, 2020)

“Fox News’ haughty and unsolicited ‘Decision Desk’  not only called Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden—while people were still voting on Election Night with only one percent of the vote counted—they followed up on Saturday by calling the Election for Joe Biden and the Vote Fraud Democrats.

“Fox is guilty as charged now that the wife of heir to Fox News James Murdoch, Kathryn Murdoch just shot any alibi Fox might have tried to come up with—bullseye in the head.

Kathryn Murdoch: “We did it!!!!”

“Thanks to Frank Salvato over at the National File, the naked truth about Fox News flashes for all to see in bright neon lights.

“Just before the election, as she (Murdoch) was advocating for the Biden campaign on social media, she tweeted, “What will you tell your children or your future self about the part you played in history?” alluding to the notion of being on the wrong side of history if one was a Trump supporter.” (Frank Salvato, Nov. 10, 2020)

“Kathryn eliminated all doubt that she felt herself personally invested in a Trump defeat Saturday when she tweeted, “We did it!!!!”

That’s the ‘Royal We’ running the show over at Fox News.

Meanwhile, Fox News has by its own decisions lost a lot of face in Election 2020.

Looks like they’re going all in for Biden and the Democrats and leaving it to arrogant Tucker Carlson to dig them out of a hole that’s left them Number 3 rather than Number 1 in Cable News—with the once deservedly popular ‘Fox & Friends’ for the first time being beaten by MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’.

And that’s why so many disappointed Fox fans are telling Fox News, who likely count ‘The Tucker’ to save them are telling Fox, “So long, suckers!”

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