A Recommendation for President Trump if he is not able to Win the Third Battle of the 2020 election in the War with the Deep State and World Economics Form.

But keep in mind losing one battle does not mean you lose the WAR. Trump one the first Battle by beating Hillary and the second battle by beating the deep state in a 4 year battle. Trump probably lost the Third Battle by interference of the corrupt Tech media Goggle, Facebook and Twitter.

Trump is Captain America and we must defeat the deep state so this is my opinion of the best way to win the war since the Supreme Court has surrendered to the deep state .

Trump needs to form a new political party

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are beholding to the special interests and the deep state. Neither now represents the citizens and that is just plain fact! Making it worse the national media has also joined the deep state creating Fake News in everything they speak or write. There is no way to win the war we are in withing the context of the existing systems and so a different approach is needed.

the solution is for Trump to create a new political party, and I think it should be the MAGA party. Once the MAGA party was created it would make it harder for the deep state to continue to go after him after January 20, 2021. Which I think they are likely to do.

After the party is created and based on private conversations A select number of the existing Congress both in the House and Senate would switch to the MAGA party. The MAGA party could if enough members switched be able to block any law as neither the Democrats nor the republicans would have 50% of either chamber. I think that it would be easy to gain effective control of the House if MAGA could get the Democrats to loose their narrow 50% membership and if 50 or so Republicans would also switch. The citizens are not going to like what Biden, Pelosi and Schumer have planned so I think this is realistic.

The Senate is going to be harder as although we could get a few Republican Senators it will be hard to peal off many Democrats unless the Biden Harris agenda is really radical.

Lastly the enemy generals that are driving this change are not even all in the United States they are the Globalists specifically: Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Peter Neffenger and their supporters are the members of the World Economic Form. Schwab is the leader and Gates his second.

I think this option is better than a potential civil war so I hope someone can get this to Trump.

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