During Presser Poland President Andrzej Duda Politely Scolds Secretary Blinken for Making Up “Green Light” Fighter Jet Story

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 10, 2022

Polish President Andrzej Duda used the opportunity of a joint press availability with Kamala Harris to correct the record and diplomatically push back against Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for making up the “green light” story {Background Here}.

During the Q&A, Harris was asked about what alternatives there were for the Polish fighter jets that have now been taken off the table in the material support discussions for Ukraine.  When it came time for his reply, President Duda stated:

Duda: “Let me say something more.  We accept that [Ukraine] have the right to demand this assistance from the international community.  They can demand this support from NATO.  We are providing them humanitarian assistance and material assistance the best we can.  We are trying to do our best. 
Some expectations were addressed in a very strong and unequivocal way, also towards us — towards Poland.  However, we are members of the North Atlantic Alliance.  And as far as security-related issues are concerned, we have to look at these not only through our own lens — through the prism of the security of Poland — but we also have to adopt the perspective of the security of NATO as a whole. 
So, in a nutshell, we have to be a responsible member of the North Atlantic Alliance.  That is why there were requests addressed to us.  Those requests were addressed to us by the Ukrainian side and also, to a certain extent, by the media

Notice those last three words, “by the media.”  The calls from media were an outcome of U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken saying Poland has a “green light” to send fighter jets to Ukraine – without ever discussing the issue with Ukraine in advance.  Poland was blindsided.

We behaved in such a way as a reliable member of NATO should behave — a member of NATO who does not want to expose NATO to any difficult situation.  On the other hand, we, as members of NATO, also wanted and want to look for ways of support for the fight in Ukraine.  And that is why we formulated statements, together with the Polish government — so myself as president, together with the Polish government. 
And this statement or this declaration was announced by the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs.  It talked about the Polish possibilities — military possibilities of assisting Ukraine.  Simply, we decided to put those jets at the disposal of NATO, not expecting anything in return, because we stressed very clearly that, as a gap filler for the donated equipment, we were able to buy something that we would need as a replacement.  And we, ourselves, we’re ready to provide our equipment free of charge. 
But we wanted NATO as a whole to make a common decision so that Poland remains a credible member of NATO, not a country who decides on its own on important issues which impact the security of NATO as a whole — which would impact the security of all members of NATO — also our neighbors who are part of NATO — members of NATO. 
Thank you.

(Transcript Link)

Secretary Blinken put Poland in a terrible place with their statement implying, directly and intentionally implying, that Poland was sending MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine.   Poland had no intent of doing that, and the conversation had never taken place.

On Sunday, Secretary Blinken was trying to create a NATO conflict with Russia by using Poland.  President Duda puts Blinken in his place by saying, “a reliable member of NATO” would never “behave” in such a manner as to put NATO into such a “difficult position.”

It’s a remarkable situation that unfolded.  Again, the media is ignoring it.

(Full Transcript)

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