Sunday Talks, John Kirby Questioned About U.S. Military Presence at Lviv Military Center Bombed Earlier in Day

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 13, 2022

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby stated in this interview that “no U.S. service members were killed in the attack” that took place near the Ukraine-Poland border in the town of Lviv.   However, it is important to qualify that government “contractors” are often used in these Military training centers.

The military compound in Lviv, which is only 15 miles from the border with Poland, was being used as a military “training facility” for Ukrainian forces.  Knowing the U.S. and NATO were funneling weapons into Ukraine through this specific region, it stands to reason this “training facility” was targeted by Russia specifically because it was a weapons cache for arms flowing into Ukraine.

John Kirby appeared on ABC shortly after the compound targeting was public. WATCH:


(WaPo) […] On Sunday, Russia’s Ministry of Defense issued a statement that was at odds with the Ukrainian account and threatened more such attacks. “At these facilities, the Kyiv regime deployed a training center for foreign mercenaries before being sent to the areas of hostilities against Russian military personnel, as well as a storage base for weapons and equipment coming from foreign countries,” the statement said. (link)

The [Lviv] facility is indeed the “main training center where U.S. and Canadian troops have been working with our Ukrainian partners for the last 6-7 years,” retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, who served as commander of U.S. Army Europe during the Obama and Trump administrations, said via text.

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