President Obama Signs Paul Ryan Bill and Immediately Suspends 5th Amendment…

Add to this the language in the NDAA section 1032 ans 1033 and PC (anti free speech the 1st amendment and the only one still standing, and just barrel is the 2nd amendment. The 2nd is the hardest one to take down but they have no chose but to try; hopefully at least a quarter of the military will be on our side but I would not count on it so it will be civil war and worse than the first one.

Trump Rally – Did You See What Happened In Bangor Maine?…

I travel a fair amount in Cleveland mostly in what use to be the solid middle calls areas, now turning into waste lands. The first think one notices is that not only are the manufacturing companies gone but so are the buildings; turned into “green” spaces. With what ever is left if you go in and talk with someone like yesterday when I paid for a wheel alignment and some other work the owner said I saw you are for Trump (I had a sticker in the car window) and you are a vet so I’m going to knock off $50. We had a nice chat and he told me that his wife, a Democrat, would never vote for Hillary for what she did to all Bill’s girl friends. She doesn’t so much like Trump as she hates Hillary. I think there are more like her than people think.

The European Elitist Dream – the Superstate as it is becoming known

Superstate Page One

QUESTION: There are now stories appearing about this nine-page document calling it and ultimatum for a superstate. But they are not publishing the document. Since you may have been first to report this, do you have the document?

Thatcher-Federal EuropeANSWER: Yes. Please note. This is a radical proposal that sees the “European Project” (EU) with one government and the annihilation of individual state identity as the end goal from the very outset.

This is not some conspiracy theory. As far back as 1990, Margaret Thatcher opposed the euro project because she KNEW that was just the start and that the end goal has always been to federalize Europe into this single “superstate” people are now finally starting to call it.

This is a major UNCERTAINTY which lies ahead. It is the EU government becoming desperate that their dream will be lost. They cannot understand that the very path they have chosen is hell bent upon creating European Civil War by attempting to force this one government fits all ideal.

Hillary’s Questionable Past

Hillary Whitewater Time Cover

QUESTION: I found your article on Hillary email scandal very informative. So you are saying that the financial scandals were all Hillary, not Bill?

ANSWER: Correct. The Whitewater scandal was Hillary, not Bill. Bill was into sex, but Hillary was the dominant money grabber. She was the first, first lady to be involved in the corruption scandals. The email scandal is just showing her tendency to hide her shenanigans. There were a number of Time Magazine articles regarding her involvement in Whitewater back in 1994. On March 21, 1994, George Church from Time Magazine wrote, “Whitewater also involves the First Lady; one would have to look very long through the mountain of Watergate clippings before coming across even a glancing mention of Pat Nixon.”

Just look at this email scandal. Bill Clinton said he has maybe sent two emails in his life. Hillary deleted more than 30,000 emails calls them “personal” and before she knew Bill had publicly denied using email, she claimed that more than 30,000 “contain[ed] personal communications from my husband and me” (see Telegraph March 10, 2015). So why is the American Press not all over her for this? Guess they are bought and paid for as well.

The Pound & Euro For Month-End

IBEUUS-M 6-30-2016

We can see that the green uptrend line has been penetrated previously on this decline. Nevertheless, the euro is unable to rally beyond that 116 level where it elected the Yearly Bearish Reversal at year-end. So people have been impatient and always expect instantaneous moves despite the fact we warned the euro had to go back to retest the 116 level since it closed 2015 at 10869. We saw that rally but it was like watching paint dry. The markets have been extending this crisis because we are dealing with a very critical long-term event which may result in economy chaos globally by 2018. The retest of the 116 level stopped at 11616 during the week of May 2nd, which was 23 weeks from the lowest close the week of November 23rd, 2015. From this May high, the euro has elected two Weekly Bearish Reversals and now we have 10790 and 10705, You will see this is tends to be supported technically for that uptrend line lies at 10750. There is some additional technical support at the 10600 area. Nonetheless, we also have a Monthly Bearish at 10710. From a technical perspective, a closing below the May low of 11098 will be very bearish. AT the time of this posting, the euro is trading at 11104.

IBBPVA-M 6-30-2016

For all the yelling and finger pointing at the Brits and the politicians say look at the pound and that proves the “leave” camp was wrong, what they fail to grasp here is because Britain has its own currency, the pressure is funneled into the pound whereas the crisis takes shape in Europe by causing the peripheral bonds to decline and rates to rise in the open market. True, we have a Weekly Bearish Reversal at 13228. On the monthly level, all Bullish Reversals are above the 150 level. Our Monthly Bearish to watch is 13660 and with the pound trading at the time of this post at 13431, this remains a key resistance point. The pound did penetrated the 2009 low of 13508. Despite that 2009 collapse, the Monthly Bearish was 13680 back then which held confirming the temporary low was in place. This means we have 13660 and 13680 coming into play today. Indeed, the 13680 is also a Quarterly Bearish along with 13970. Therefore, if these are elected today, this means long-term we are looking at a retest of the 1985 low which many people though just a few months ago was a totally crazy forecast.

IBBPVA-Q 6-30-2016

Nevertheless, a pound closing today below 13660 will warn that the long-term is in motion. We should see the retest of the 1985 level near par and slightly break it as soon as 2018. Even the oscillator on the quarterly level has plenty of room for such a decline.

Islamic Refugees Relocated To Canada Harassing Teenage Girls in High School…

The goal of the Islamic countries is to flood the EU and America with as many young Muslim males as they can and the object is to breed as many young girls there as they can. This can be done in two ways according to Islamic doctrine first to marry them and they can have up to four wife’s or two rape them if they are not Muslim. Either method is OK according to their prophet Mohammad.

Trade Deals and Fig Newtons…

I’ll tell for fact this Fig Newton analogy is not overstated and in fact its much worse when all the associated capital flows are also analyzed. If something isn’t done and very quickly there will no longer be a United States; I have been studying this issue in dept since the mid ’90s and no one until now cared. The question is, is it too late to fix?

A 27-Year-Old Londoner Explains Their Brexit Vote…

The only reason to have immigration is because you need more people to work at building your country: however if those you bring in do not have the same values that exist in that country then the form of government MUST change to accommodate them if they become a large percentage of that country.

This principle was explained by a French philosopher Montesquieu in his 1748 book Spirit of the laws. The only way to prevent this is to only bring in emigrants at a rate that allows them in assimilate into the existing culture. The EU and America are allowing them in at a rate faster then they can be assimilated which is what the political class wants for that allows them to change the form of government which was the reason they are bringing in so many. This has nothing to do with race it is based on the culture of the emigrants e.g. if we replaced all the Anglo Saxon Americans with Hispanics from South America than the government would have to be changed to that of what is in those countries. This must be true because that is what those people are use to.

Whether this is good or bad is not relevant it is only what will happen since that is what those people are use to in they are not assimilated.

Paul Nehlen Money Bomb Fundraiser…

I would really be nice if all of them were taken down but Ryan in particular should be voted out!

Chairman Trey Gowdy and Select Benghazi Committee Press Conference…

As a former military officer in Special Operations familiar with the planning of operations I can tell you with 100% certainty that the state there were no assets “Close Enough” to be of assets is 100% BS. There are two reasons for the the most important one was the no one knew how long the battle would last. Number two is the military has rapid action forces stationed all over the world ready to go on a moments notice. The fact that no assets were sent means that Washington didn’t want them sent for even if they didn’t get there till it was over the attempt would have been made. Since no one in Washington knew how long the battle would last and they still did nothing it was strictly a politic decision to protect Obama and Hillary for their incompetence. Unfortunately we now have a military that we can no long trust as it is now only an extension of the Presidents personal servants. This is not the military i was in!