Australian Health Minister Announces State Planning for COVID Contact Tracing in The New World Order

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 9, 2021 | Sundance | 122 Comments

New South Wales, Australia, Health Minister Kerry Chant is one of the primary COVID engineers in the key state containing the largest population and the capitol city of Sydney.  Dr. Kerry Chant is a rather motley totalitarian creature, with a face for radio, who leans heavily in favor of massive big government control and restrictions.

Ms. Chant’s general persona is very familiar to anyone who has the unfortunate experience of interacting with a female leftist in the U.S. who would wear genitalia on their head as a political statement.  If there was a campaign for the benefit of self-isolation, avoiding the global Chant types would be a strong point of advocacy.

Amid the extreme rules and regulations deployed by various states all over Australia, NSW Health Minister Kerry Chant stands atop the list as the largest advocate for total government control; and exhibit-A for why women should not be steered toward a career in government.  As the premier of the region started to announce a softening of the oppressive rules and lock-down regulations; it was Ms. Chant who was advocating against permitting any freedom until over 90% of the New South Wales population were vaccinated.

As the rulers over NSW begin to announce the possibility of freedom, Ms. Chant was questioned about what happens if an outbreak is detected.  This brings up the issue of “contact tracing”, to track the potential population exposure.  Watch Ms. Chant’s response:

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian holds a press conference announcing goals to end the state’s lockdown, which has been among the strictest in the world and dragged on since July as Delta covid cases continue to increase despite harsh measures.  Ms. Chant’s highlighted commentary above is at the 46:30 point of the full press conference:

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