Tennessee Waffle House Shooter, Travis Reinking, Captured…

2:10 p.m. – Authorities say they have arrested a man suspected of storming a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville and fatally shooting four people with an assault rifle.

Authorities announced that 29-year-old Travis Reinking, was taken into custody Monday. Other details were not immediately available. (Via AP)

Mexican Presidential Race Front-runner Blames Corruption For President Trump’s Perspective…

The next president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or “AM LO” as he is known locally, is a well known Marxist.  AM LO is virtually certain to be the winner of the July 1st Mexican election.  The U.S. will have a Hugo Chavez ideologue at our southern border.

Today, front-runner AM LO told an audience in Rosarito (Baja California peninsula) that President Trump’s bad experiences investing in Mexico, and encountering corrupt officials throughout government, were likely the reason for his negative view of the country.

“[Trump] invested here in Rosarito and also in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, and because of Mexico’s corrupt governments he had to leave,” Lopez Obrador said. “That’s why he got a bad impression of our country.”  (Reuters link)

AM LO went on to say his national government would eliminate the decades-long corruption within government and the judicial system.  Keep eyes-wide-open; once in office AM LO will likely repeat Chavez/Maduro and remove blocks to his agenda including legislative opposition, elections and eventually term limits.

Cycle of Religion – Detailed

COMMENT:  In your blog on the cycles in religion, you may want to add some more dimensions: (1) Hindu worldview is cyclical over a vast cosmological timescale and then through a fractal (as above so below) astrological philosophy of action there appears an a-causal (synchronistic) relationship between cosmic, global and local possibilities for events which however are precipitated by individual choice of action. The outcomes of individuals’ actions are based on those choices. (2) There does not seem to be any awareness in your analysis of the latest revolution in religion that happened on 23 May 1844 in Shiraz, Persia merely 36 hours before the the other ignored revolution in human affairs caused by Mores’ telegram, “What Hath God Wrought!” which is the direct antecedent of the global communication revolution. Babi-Baha’i Religion is that new religion at the start of the new economics of global economic and political action based on the use of telecommunications well documented over the last 160 years. Exact dates and times are available for some of these events which should provide you with an ample opportunity to test various cycles going backward and forwards and generate more insights for refinements in your models!
Very best,

REPLY: I did not go into great detail with respect to religion for it is a touchy subject. There is clearly a major cycle and it too adheres to the 8.6-year fractal sequence. The Roman religion was similar to Hindu insofar as it accepted local gods from the provinces. The early dominant Roman god was Janus. We find the earliest Roman coin, the As, bore the picture of Janus. The As began as one pound of bronze and it was divided into twelve fractional units known an Uncia. This is our current weight system. We still celebrate Janus’ feast day, which was January 1st. The two faced god is still what we say on New Year’s Eve – goodbye to the old and we look forward to a new year with resolutions for change.

The Black Stone Of God

Gold Aureus Stone of Emesa

The Roman emperor known to history as Elagabalus (218-222AD) takes his name from the sun-god of Emesa (Homs Syria today) for which he had been made high priest on May 16th, 218 AD. Elagabalus was actually born about 205 AD. With the assassination of Caracalla in 217 AD, power passed to the Praetorian Prefect Macrinus, but the desire for power from the Severian women led by his grandmother, Julia Maesa in Antioch, was very political and power hungry. They prevailed and Macrinus was deposed along with his son Diadumenian.

When Elagabalus departed for Rome, he also took with him the famous Black Stone of Emesa, which was the symbol of the sun-god Elagabalus from the temple at Emesa in Syria. Herodian described this Stone of Emesa as being rounded at its base and rising to a point at its top. There were a few rough projections, in which people believed they saw an image of the sun. This black stone was most likely a meteor lending its legend that it came from heaven as a gift from the god to mankind. Therefore, the role of the priest and the possession of this stone was of great symbolic power.

Elagabalus had been made a high priest of the sun-god cult when he was very young. Both he and his mother were religious fanatics and went as far as to take their eastern god to reign over all Roman gods in Rome itself. He constructed a very large temple adjacent to the Colosseum on the Palatine Hill. A second temple was erected just outside of Rome. He and his family would walk backward in a procession before the stone as it was brought to the second temple outside of Rome during a midsummer festival. Cassio Dio describes sacrifices of both animals and young boys. They made it mandatory for all to worship at the Shine of the sun-god including Jews and Christians. The sun-god was supreme and all other gods were subordinate to it. His religious practices drew sharp criticism when in 220 AD Elagabalus divorced his first wife Julia Paula and took a Vestal Virgin as his wife – Aquileia Severa. Vestal Virgins had been buried alive for breaking their vows even during the reign of Caracalla. Against the advice of his mother and grandmother, Elagabalus married Aquileia arguing that a union between the high priest and priestess would be born a son of god. But this religious taboo led to so much outrage, that Aquileia had to be divorced and a third wife Annia Faustina was selected.

For all of Elagabalus’ religious positions and many wives, he was also very notorious for being a bisexual who also enjoyed dressing up and playing the part of a woman. Cassio Dio tells us that Elagabalus even married a male slave named Hierocles and enjoyed being beaten by him as if he was Hierocles’ female salve. Other men who slept with him were given high positions in government. Homosexuality among the Romans was not acceptable as it had been in Greek culture. Respect for Elagabalus declined significantly. It was even said that Elagabalus asked doctors if they could medically transform him into a woman and carried out his own experiments by cutting off the gentiles of young men as a sacrifice to his sun-god. His reign was notorious for religious fanaticism, for cruelty, bloodshed, and excesses of every description, and there was general satisfaction when, on March 6th, 222AD, Elagabalus, and his mother Julia Soaemias were murdered in the praetorian camp. Their bodies were dragged through the streets of Rome for display and then thrown into the Tiber River denied any burial right.

The Cycle of Religion clearly follows the 8.6-year frequency. From the Battle of the Milvian Bridge which took place between the Roman Emperors Constantine I and Maxentius on the 28th day of October 312AD (312.824), it was 309.6 years until the rise of Islam. At the age of 40 in 610AD, Muhammad is said to have received his first verbal revelation in the cave called Hira. This was the beginning of the writing of the Quran that continued up to the end of his life. There was also the persecution of the newly converted Muslims like there had been among the Christians. Muhammad and his followers migrated to Medina in 622AD, an event known as the Hegira and the birth of the Islam calendar (622.298).

It is not certain when Jesus Christ was actually born. The census that is the story of having to travel to Bethlehem was actually the Census of Quirinius which took place in 6AD after Herod I the Great had died and the Romans were dividing Judaea into thirds among Herod’s sons. There is no actual evidence of Herod issuing an order to kill the firstborn males when in fact he clearly died about 10 years before. Such an order would have to have been issued by one of his sons, yet there is no surviving evidence to support that as fact.

Nevertheless, our model does place a turning point about late 3AD when most scholars agree that Jesus was born based primarily upon the Census of Quirinius. We then have in 312AD the victory of Milvian Bridge by Constantine the Great who then decrees that Christianity will be the state religion primarily so he got to plunder all the wealth of pagan temples. It is rather stunning how we come to major religious events every 309.6 years. This appears to be a change in beliefs that do not necessarily suggest complete changes in religions. Often these are shifts that become more fundamentalist in their beliefs or a turn toward liberalism.

Muhammad thus begins Islam 309.6 years after Constantine. The next target sees the beginning of pilgrimages to the Middle East during the 10th century. The belief that the world would end come the year 1,000 was very prominent, so much so that the English King Aethelred II (978-1016AD) replaced his image on the coinage with the symbol of Christianity – the lamb. Once the fearful date pasted, he reverted to placing his own portrait on the coinage once again. This particular cycle marked the Crusades, which began in 1095 as a pretense to protect the pilgrims.

The next target in 1241 which was the year of the Great Mongol Invasion. Poland fell to the Mongols that year who are eventually beaten back. We also see in this cycle was a new trend of Antipopes when France seized the Catholic Church and installed French popes as puppets of the French king that became known as the Avignon Papacy. This was the period from 1309 to 1376 during which seven successive popes resided in Avignon. The Seventh Crusade was a crusade led by Louis IX of France from 1248 to 1254. This was the cycle that we see Constantinople fall to the Turks in 1453.

The next cycle turning point began in 1551 when the Council of Trent reconvened to deal with the Protestant Reformation. This cycle also marks the attempt of Islam to conquer Europe and impose Islam as the state religion. The invading army was the new Ottoman Empire, which was defeated at the Battle of Vienna which took place on the 12th of September 1683 after the imperial city had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months. The peak of that cycle arrives 212 years from the beginning. That was 1763 and the start of George II restrictions placed upon Americans which led to the American Revolution, which was also about the freedom of religion.


This brings us to 1860 and this is the beginning of the American Civil War, which was rooted in a religious question concerning slavery. This current cycle will reach its peak in 2072 and the next will begin in 2170. We are clearly moving toward a clash of philosophies both within Christianity as well as among different religious foundations. As we move into that major turning point, we will see rising discontent and religious confrontation engulf the world. In the USA, we have the liberal v conservative confrontation which is also incorporating the religious right and anti-abortion movements v women’s liberation factions. They see this as plain and simple – thous shalt not kill. Yet this is inconsistent with the idea of war itself. Perhaps it is ok to kill someone if the government tells you to do it?

This is part of the religious cycle as well. We will also see the conflict between Christianity and Islam build in Europe. This will be no different from the anti-immigration movement that surged into gun battles on the streets of Philadelphia during the economic depression that followed the Sovereign Debt Defaults by states during the 1840s. As the economic decline picks up speed from 2018 into 2020, the tensions against immigration will only rise. This is also behind the separtist movements in Europe.

We are in the Seventh Wave following the birth of Christ. From a pure cyclical perspective, the next turning point in 2072 may be a significant religious change. What comes, can only be subject to speculation. We have completed six waves of 309.6 years. The Seventh is where major change and conflict will be unleashed.


The Coming Pi Target – Will it Bring World War III?


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Putin invaded Syria precisely on the day of your model back in 2015.75. You have stated at the WEC that the upcoming Pi turning point on November 21, 2018, is most often political in nature. You scheduled this year’s WEC for the week before. Trump just called Assad an animal. Even 911 took place of Pi target to the day and Greece applied to the IMF for a bailout again precisely on that Pi Target. Do you think that this turning point will be a war starting in Syria?

I am sure this year’s WEC will be a thrilling moment in history.





ANSWER: Unfortunately, the nagging fact that Putin invaded Syria precisely on the day of the ECM 2015.75 leaves one with a feeling of a stone in the stomach. All of this investigation that Russia interfered with the US elections set in motion by Hillary has convinced so many of her followers that Russia is the Arch Enemy as if in some comic book. This has created the proposition in the mind of the mindless that Russia is some sort of great evil that should be eradicated from the face of the earth. That mindset, no matter how wrong and distorted, is the basic requirement to support a war. Hillary has been one vindictive and evil person and her running around the world to blame Russia for her failed election has done so much to undermine world peace I do not know where to even begin. She has created the image that Russia is evil and that is all the military needs to justify playing with their weapons to attack Russia.

This entire confrontation with Russia has been orchestrated by the military aided by Hillary. I have warned that the mere fact that Russia invaded Syria precisely on the day of the ECM was a warning call to all of us to wake up and smell the roses before the lid of the coffin is closed. The entire Refugee Crisis began just weeks into this ECM wave when Merkel stood up with open arms to divert her negative press for refusing to forgive any debt with Greece. Then, the Washington Times wrote on September 10th, 2015, “Angela Merkel welcomes refugees to Germany despite rising anti-immigrant movement.” The entire refugee crisis was created by Merkel as a diversion because Germany was being viewed as the harsh enforcer of loans to Greece.

The ECM Turning Point 2015.75 has been a major profound event. This means that the likelihood of the coming Pi target on November 21st, 2018 has a higher potential to be linked (1) to the Middle East, and (2) to Russia.

The answer, unfortunately, is yes. We will be looking at the world markets to extract what they are setting up for at the Orlando WEC. This event will be important for (1) the consolidation should end, (2) we have the Monetary Crisis Cycle in play, (3) the Pension Crisis is beginning cascading into a Sovereign Debt Crisis, (4) interest rates will rise even faster with war, and (5) the prospects of the Pi target, which is normally geopolitical rather than economic, also comes into play.

This will NOT be an easy time to deal with all this. We will need the computer and review all the markets for only then collectively can we possibly comprehend what is about to unfold from that turning point into 2020/2021. This is essential not just to make sure we have a great trading/investment opportunity, but being on the right side of this will be everything.

To be on the wrong side of the market may mean you simply lose everything going forward. This is the time to let the markets speak loud and clear. It is our job to listen. History repeats, but like lightning – it never strikes precisely at the same spot every time. The only way to see what is coming is to look at the world as a whole. The markets collectively speak to us for they show the true trend rather than personal opinion. There is no human alive or dead who has ever been able to predict such events from a personal gut perspective consistently time and again.

Heaven or Hell?


Lucky Day, Lucky Day – Mexico’s Version of Hugo Chavez is Holding 18 Point Lead In Election Polling…

If the news from the first round of Mexican election polling was any better we’d have to be twins to enjoy it.   Andres Obrado, a well-known Marxist who intends a government take-over of the Mexican energy sector, is holding a commanding 18-point lead.

This is excellent news for border wall enthusiasts and those who want the Trump administration to pull out of NAFTA.

Mr Obrador is the modern Mexican version of Hugo Chávez (or Nicolàs Maduro/Bernie Sanders) with a similar ideological outlook.  His resulting territorial economic policies are certain to deliver the Venezuela outcome to the Mexican people.

For American companies doing business in Mexico, an Obrador win would be the worst possible outcome.  They will lose hundreds of billions from their current Mexican investments, as President Obrador swoops in to skim (tax) corporate profits for his state-run enterprises and care for ‘his people’. However, the good news is – those U.S. multinationals will likely all return to the U.S. asap.  Lucky day, lucky day.

Funnily enough, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross must have held some insider information about this likelihood when he sheepishly hinted toward this possibility a few weeks ago.  Oh, the poor multinational critters in Wall Street are gonna have a heart attack when they see this.  Wait, wha… they did already?

MONTERREY (Reuters) – Mexican left-wing presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has an 18-point lead ahead of the July 1 election, according to a poll published on Monday that showed him with a growing advantage at the start of formal campaigning.

Lopez Obrador, who launched his campaign on Sunday, holds 38 percent of the vote, according to the poll by Parametria, published by Reuters on Monday ahead of wider distribution. That compared to 35 percent in its previous poll.

A Lopez Obrador victory could usher in a Mexican government less accommodating toward the United States, where President Donald Trump has stoked trade tensions with Mexico and aggressively moved to curb immigration.

Lopez Obrador has backed the North American Free Trade Agreement, but his plan to review newly issued oil contracts sparked worries he will deter foreign investment. (read more)

Too funny…  The “smart set” (pundits) are reading it wrong:

                                                                                                      Oh dear…



                                                                                        Oh, noes …



                                                                                                   Oh, my.

Greco-Turkish War – Is it Inevitable?

QUESTION: Message: Hi, huge respect for your eye-opening work. You mention that war is more likely to erupt in the middle east than Korea. Since middle east seems to be in a state of perpetual combat in different areas, do you think war could expand as Turkey is more & more openly hostile to Greece? The average Greek is no longer considering if it happens, more like when it will happen. Does Socrates provide a forecast on this?


S, Athens.

ANSWER: Actually, the primary target for a peak in any Greco-Turkish war will arrive in 2022. What we must understand is we have a major convergence between the Cycle of War and the Economic Confidence Model (ECM). What this means is the increased risk of geopolitical tensions are enhanced by economic downturns. This is what I have been warning about with the collapse of Socialism. As the endless promises of governments crumble to dust, politicians are faced with (1) the overthrow of their governments, or (2) create an external enemy to shift the blame from themselves. Therefore, as the economy turns down, interest rates will invert and rise when people no longer trust a government, and the fabric of the political-economy will be torn apart at the seams. This is historically the most dangerous point for at that moment, the government will turn to create external enemies.

When communism fell in 1989, the military establishment was no longer really needed. They needed to create external enemies to justify maintaining their position, status, and funding. Therefore, Russia continued to be the enemy of the USA simply because they needed one. When I would ask WHY was Russia our enemy if they were no longer Communist, the reply was dumbfounding: “Well they are Russian!” Even Ukraine was a power-play. The Eastern part of the country was ethnically Russian. The country should have simply been split north to south down the language border. Crimea was always a strategic port of Russia. If Japan told America to get out of Okinawa, the US response would be no different than Russia’s – America would occupy Okinawa. So why put sanctions on Russia for doing what the Americans or British have always done throughout history? The answer was just the military establishment needs an enemy – not peace. World peace means they are out of a job. They like those gold stars on their shoulders.

Therefore, as we head down into the economic abyss, the political necessity for war will be on the rise. Ergodan needs an external enemy. He is desperate for war and it will take two fronts – Kurds and the Greeks. He can easily stir the old pot of hate to retain power. This is what any politician does. Even Hillary during the election, as well as all the Democrats, stir the economic pot of class warfare to divide the nation just to get power. They also need that hatred of people who have more to win power. The people cheer and will one day storm the houses of the rich and will set them ablaze or drag them out and hang them. This is traditional and it is one primary reason class warfare is highly dangerous and undermines the foundation of any state. So this is what we face. Look at everything in that context and you will begin to see the conflicts deliberately created by the political class to retain power in ALL societies.

The first modern Greco-Turkish War following the fall of the Ottoman Empire is called the Thirty Days’ War, which took place against a rising Greek concern over conditions in Crete. This centered on the Turkish domination and where relations between the Christians and their Muslim rulers had been deteriorating rapidly. 1896 saw a rebellion on Crete instigated to a large extent by the secret Greek nationalistic society called Ethniki Etairia. They sought to fuel the historic resentment between the Christians and Muslims and they sought to create an opportunity to annex the island for the Greeks. Therefore, by the beginning of 1897, Greece sent arms to Crete to support a rebellion and revolution. On January 21, 1897, the Greek fleet was mobilized and in February Greek troops actually landed on the island proclaiming the annexation of Crete to Greece. The following month, the European powers imposed a blockade upon Greece to stop the arms shipments. The European powers feared that the whole of the Balkans would see vengeance upon the Turks.

The Greeks sent a force to launch an attack on the Turks in Thessaly (April). By the end of April, Greeks were overwhelmed by the Turkish army. The Greeks yielded to pressure from the European powers and withdrew their troops from Crete accepting an armistice on the mainland on May 20th, 1897. On December 4, 1897, a treaty was signed compelling Greece to pay the Turks an indemnity, to accept an international financial commission that would control Greek finances, and to yield some territory in Thessaly back to Turkey. Subsequently, the Turkish troops also left Crete, which had been made an international protectorate in 1898. Crete was finally ceded to Greece by the Treaty of London (1913), which ended the First Balkan War.

The second Greco-Turkish War occurred after World War I, when the Greeks attempted to extend their territory beyond eastern Thrace and the district of Smyrna. These territories had been given to Greece by the Treaty of Sèvres, August 10th, 1920. In January 1921 the Greek army launched an offensive in Anatolia against the nationalist Turks, who had defied the Ottoman government and would not recognize its treaty. In Greece, the war was followed by a successful military coup against the monarchy.

The Treaty of Lausanne concluded on July 24th, 1923, obliged Greece to return eastern Thrace and the islands of Imbros and Tenedos to Turkey, as well as to give up its claim to Smyrna. The two belligerents also agreed to exchange their Greek and Turkish minority populations. To this day, Turkey retains designs on regions it yielded to Greece.

As the economy and hyperinflation continue in Turkey, the government desperately needs an external enemy. So yes. The tensions will continue to rise and this is seen as inevitable in Athens and the resentment goes back to the Persian invasion of Greece in ancient times. Even the culture of the Minoans were the origins of the Greeks. Anatolia was all Greek cities that filled modern Turkey. The fall of Constantinople in 1453 was the invasion of the Turks who were Muslim. So the traditional ethnic origin was Greek and the language of the Eastern Roman Empire ruled from Constantinople was Greek – not Latin.

The last Emperor, Constantine XI (1448-1453), died in battle fighting the Turkish invasion. Beware November 2018. Things seem to begin picking up about then.

When will North Korea Rise to Overthrow Kim Jung Un?

QUESTION: You said that Kim Jung Un was at risk of being overthrown and therefore he would have to shift direction or go to war. When do you see North Korea falling?


ANSWER: When Korea was split in 1945 into communist North against the South, the terrain has always dictated the situation. About 65% of Korea’s heavy industry was located in the north, but, due to the harshness of the terrain, only 37% of its agriculture existed in the North. This is why the North often has bouts of famine.




I have warned that the Economic Confidence Model has three distinct components. There is the main wave frequency based upon Pi of 8.6 years which builds into 6 waves forming the major wave of 51.6 years which seems to be the generational shifting wave that manifests in political changes between public and private trends.

Then there is the Volatility Wave component. This is what causes one 8.6 year wave to be more pronounced than another. The volatility component has a frequency of 6 years which is a slower moving wave taking 12 unit waves to build into the ultimate volatility peaks of 72-year intervals.

The Schema Frequency I do not reveal. To put this in context, it is the DNA wave of a coded pattern throughout time. This will be the last thing I ever reveal if I decide to do so. The jury is still out. This is what everyone has tried to get from me for so long. It is the key to the interaction of waves.

On August 8th, 1945 (1945.602), the Soviet Union declared war on Japan. Soviet troops advanced and the US government feared Russia would occupy the whole of Korea. On August 10th, the US government proposed the 38th parallel division.

Therefore, the 72-year of volatility began during the summer of last year – 2017.602 (August 7th). Communism fell on its 72-year cycle (1917-1989). The Soviet Union broke up 2 years into that cyclical event. This places the same timing risk cor North Korea going into 2019-2020.

The 51.6-year cycle from 1945 (1997.202) marked the start of the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis. Kim Jung Un was conducting missile tests that began on February 12, 2017, last year, which was just a KN-15 Pukguksone type. Thereafter tests took place on March 6th, March 22nd, April 5th, April 16th, April 29th, May 14th, May 21st, May 29th, and June 8th. The intercontinental ballistic missile tests began with the Hwasong 14 on July 4th, probably because of the American Independence holiday. That is when the attention began to really turn to North Korea and that began almost to the day of the 72-year turning point.

The entire world is going to go nuts 2031/2032. There will not be a country that is spared from political and economic events. The risk a serious famine in North Korea which could result in the people rising up will arrive in 2023. That pressure will begin here this year 2018.70 – which will be September 13th, 2018. This appears to the turning point that is not just concerning North Korea. It is appearing around the world in many markets. The risk for political change in North Korea comes into play as soon as 2019/2020.

Why Syria has ALWAYS been Strategic

Syria has always been strategic throughout recorded history. You had to pass through it between Babylon and Egypt. However, as world trade began to emerge, the connections between China and the ancient Roman Empire were fully developed through the Silk Road. Spices were always worth their weight in gold and even during the Middle Ages, bankers were called “pepper-men” because pepper was more valuable than gold by weight.

Following the death of  Alexander the Great in 323 BC, his generals divided up the territory he had conquered. After the Battle of Ipsus in 301 BC, Seleucus I Nicator (458-281BC) won the territory of Syria. Seleucus founded four cities in northwestern Syria, one of which was Antioch. He named this city in honor of his father Antiochus or perhaps his son who was named after his grandfather. It was founded on a site chosen through ritual means. Reportedly, an eagle, the bird of Zeus, had been given a piece of sacrificial meat and the city was founded on the site to which the eagle carried the offering. Seleucus did this on the 22nd day of the month of Artemisios in the twelfth year of his reign, which in modern terms was May 300 BC.

Antioch quickly rose to become the Syrian capital. Antioch flourished due to trade. Caravan merchants began to bring goods from China to the marketplace in Antioch. This was the beginning of the Silk Road in ancient times. Antioch benefited from Roman rule. The Historia Augusta mentions a great fire in Antioch, implying that the emperor Antoninus Pius (138-161AD) offered help to restore the city because it had become the gateway to a fabled great empire in the East. This legend of a great Empire in China had even inspired Alexander the Great to attempt to reach it giving up in India.

Antioch became an extremely important port of trade in the ancient world. It flourished and any major natural disaster would send financial panic down the banking street in Rome – Via Sacra. When the city sometimes suffered earthquakes as recorded during the reigns of Tiberius (14-37AD), Caligula (37-41AD), Hadrian (117-138AD), and Diocletian (284-305AD). Its governor Pescennius Niger (193-194AD) proclaimed himself emperor, he lost the war against his rival Septimius Severus, (193-211AD) who temporarily took away its independence of Antioch, giving it to Laodicea to control as punishment.

During the 3rd century, Antioch was the city of innovation. Street lighting appears also in this city during the 3rd Century AD as Saint Jerome (345-420AD) commented in his writings that the capital of ancient Syria was lit up at night by oil lamps hung over ropes that were strung over the streets. By 371AD, this invention spread to Caesarea in Turkey. China, on the other hand, was reported to be lighting up its streets using natural gas supplied through bamboo pipes by Medieval times.

China throughout history became rich by trade with the Roman Empire. Yet the history of Rome that claimed to rule the world (orbis terrarum) stood at the opposite end of the world from the strikingly similar Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) in China, which also claimed to have ruled the world (tianxia). There is the History Book for Tang-Dynasty in China covering the period 618-907AD. Yet the text mentions 17 times what appears to be the Roman Empire . It also describes an envoy that was sent by the Roman Emperor to China. The Roman Emperor was recorded to have been “Anton.

The account of such an envoy who visited the older Han Dynasty predates the Venetian traveler Marco Polo (1254-1325) by more than 1,000 years. This envoy has been attributed to 166AD during the reign of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180AD). It is the death of Marcus Aurelius, that has marked the peak in the Roman Empire and the turning point that begins the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire where its monetary system collapses just 72 years thereafter. This envoy established diplomatic contact at the peak of the Roman Empire from which a disastrous decline begins. Any political-economic aspirations to further such a relationship would then die with Marcus Aurelius. Yet also, both empires would suffer the same fate of barbarian invasions. The Han Dynasty falls in 220AD from which emerges the chaotic period known as the Three Kingdoms (220-280AD) – the division of the once unified Chinese Empire.

There is hard evidence that demonstrates that there was direct contact between Rome and China going back to the period of 180AD. The connection point has ALWAYS been Syria. China is also backing Syria with money. The Chinese are looking to build on the old world power position of the historic Silk Road (One belt, one road). China has never actively participated in the war militarily but has ensured financing their goals. Syria maintains close economic relations with Russia and China because of the stupidity of the West, which began with stopping a pipeline to compete with Russia. Likewise, despite being a member of NATO, Turkey is flirting with the expansion of Turkish-Chinese relations in addition to it historical ties with Russia.

As strange as it might sound, China has more skin-in-the-game with Syria than Russia. The Russians had to intervene after it became apparent that the international and Islamist mercenaries were heading for the Russian military base in Latakia. Russia and China clearly complement each other on the worldwide stage of politics. Both suffered Communist revolutions and they are the most important security players in that part of the world. China has provided the economic security while Russia provides the military security.

Syria is the focal point in the Middle East. It is where all the power meets for economic reasons. This seems to be the way for thousands of years.

Culture – Law – And Different Ways

Several women have written in and disagree with what I wrote about prostitution. They argue that 75% of prostitutes come from broken homes, which today is over 50% of marriages. They also state that these girls were abused as children in every way possible and many are runaways. Some also argue that these girls turn to prostitution because they are addicted to drugs and became pregnant at very young ages in their teens and have to support a child on their own.
All of that said, I agree that there are girls that fall into each of those categories. However, There are strikingly different cultures and different solutions around the world that warrant looking at both in Asia and Europe. In Thailand, they have a different culture and sex is not looked down upon as it is in the West. The girls are not drugged out or abducted. They are there to make money typically to support their families, which include their parents. Many also do dream of meeting the right guy in the process. In fact. studies show that 15% of the women in the Thailand sex trade marry their customers when they are foreign men (see a study published by Khon Kaen University).
Amsterdam is also strikingly different. The girls are not drugged out and they fall more into the professional category and some may cling to that dream of meeting Mr. right while others have probably given up on the dream of love at first sight and the knight in shining armor will come to carry them away. Both Thailand and Amsterdam show that even prostitutes do find love, which was the story-line of Pretty Woman.
Similarly, in Japan, there are a few private clubs where the girls are virgins and if you wish to select one, and she agrees, you paid $250,000+ and she was yours. You then had to provide her an apartment in Tokyo and support her as a concubine. She would be there for you whenever you were in Tokyo. They did this to be taken care of and a portion of the money always went back to her family. There are different cultures around the world and different morals.
I know in East Europe, men were going there and pretending to want to marry. They entered into the arranged marriage and took the girl and then promptly sold her into sex slavery. That was common when the Wall Fell in 1989, and parents are wise to that scam these days.  There is just a stark difference between what we see in Thailand and Amsterdam compared to where prostitution is illegal. My point is that if there is a legal industry then the girls are protected and this would tend to reduce the abductions.
I have written before when I was in New York standing on the corner in front of the Plaza hotel during the day, this girl came up to me dressed in genes. She asked if there was anything she could do for me. That is using the words spoken by a hooker, but she looked like 13 to me. I was confused and said no, and she asked again. I was not sure and was giving her the benefit of the doubt because she looked so young. I thought perhaps she wanted money for food or something. Then the doorman came over and told her to get out and she turned and cursed him. I then asked was she a hooker? He said yes she bothered the guests routinely. She was probably a runaway working for someone I suppose.
I knew a girl who worked for me once who was raped by her step-father between 7 and 10. She ran away to an aunt in another State. She was strong enough to tell me the story when she was 25. She did not become a prostitute. I respected her strength and she put her life together.
You can pass all the laws you want. It will not stop the abuse. Amsterdam, Japan, and Thailand are a different issue and there are girls who do hope to meet that special someone.
  • Outlaw booze and you created the Mafia.
  • Outlaw prostitution and you create abduction.
There has to be a better way. Girls are abducted and sold into sex slavery only because it is profitable. Remove the profit with legal competition, and you just may end the abductions. Promote safe-houses for runaways and you may save a life.