Oh Noes, Don’t Throw Me in The Briar Patch Mr. Biden

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 9, 2021 | Sundance | 946 Comments

Perhaps it’s because we have been discussing this moment for over a decade; or perhaps it’s because we’ve already chosen our tribe amid this league of crazy; or perhaps it’s just because we don’t like ‘them’ in the first place; but whatever it is, this announcement today by the White House to cleave society into vaxxed -vs- non-vaxxed status is actually a little funny.  Good luck with it.

Eyes of a mouse. Ears of an elephant. Heart of a lion, and the mindset of an insurgent.

This ain’t new.  Or as we say amid my social circle: “We done knew.”

The White House claims that 80 million Americans are unvaccinated, and we are now the enemy of the state.  OK, whatever.   When you get all done with the teeth gnashing part, I’m still unvaxxed.   And if I’m no longer permitted to engage in a social construct that I have been studiously avoiding for the past few decades, well, meh…. a’right then, punish me by barring me from living life amid the Federal Moonbats.   The federal compliance and enforcement part of the mandated worker vaccination will be fun to watch.

I have serious doubts that only 80 million Americans are unvaccinated, but fair enough; if that’s your number, okay then.  However, consider this….  Assuming we are the minority group, the non-vaxxed crew breaks down into two broad segments: (1) The extremely well-educated who carry commonsense and are in a social strata where they remain quiet about it; and (2) The skeptical productive class of similarly disposed commonsense blue-collar workers who are the backbone of American productivity.

The comfortable existence for the rest of “polite society” is dependent on the scruffneck working class, the dirty fingernail folk who know what Lava soap feels like, and the industrious service sector workforce who fulfill the needs of those who hold out their pinky fingers when they drink from a glass.

If this non-vaccinated ‘minority group’ stops fulfilling the needs of the vaccinated ‘betters’, guess what happens?

Additionally, if the non-vaccinated minority begin following the COVID rules with extreme compliance, the entire system doesn’t function.  Whoops, I cannot enter a federal property because I am not vaccinated {{{shrugs shoulders}}}.  Okay, I’ll leave the pizzas on the sidewalk, enjoy.

The ramifications of extreme compliance are very far-reaching, and we are snarky enough in our skills as non-vaccinated insurgents to know exactly how to best play the role of being as stupid as you say we are.  Oh damn, did I forget to tighten that oil filter… sheesh, whoops.  If only I was as smart as one of you vaccinated types these mistakes wouldn’t happen.

It is likely the elitist goal of the crew behind Biden to cleave society thereby destroying it.  However, if there’s something I know about this crew – it’s how their hubris is their blindspot.

They can never think clearly through the details of their dictates because they have never operated/lived in the place where the outcomes of those dictates surface.  They make rules that are never implemented within their own tribe; this fact makes them extremely vulnerable.

Cleaving society ain’t necessarily a bad thing when my tribe wants nothing to do with you in the first place.

When the SHTF (sh!t hits the fan), these ruling elite types, and those who look down their noses at the unwashed WalMart shoppers, are the first culled by natural selection because they cannot function in a world where their basic needs are not serviced by others.

Stuff yourself into a box filled with like-minded vaccinated intellectuals filled with artificial airs-and-graces; meanwhile me and my tribe, who can clean up well and hold discussion in the snob-set but choose not to, will be having a grand time laughing and enjoying fellowship on the tailgate of a pickup truck.

The laughter and fun is always on the freedom side, our side of the aisle.  The totalitarian mind that needs to control people is a life of misery; and it’s an endless quest to fill a void that we simply don’t have.

Block my tribe out of your social or economic system because we refuse to put untested secret chemicals in our veins, and it ain’t us that’s losing – just sayin’.  We know how to adapt, survive and create another parallel economy that will work just fine.  We can live without them; however, they cannot live without our assistance – and that’s the stark reality of it.

Do what is in the best interest of your faith, your family and your community.  Losing your peace of mind is not part of that equation.

Chin up folks, this announcement by Joe Biden is a Hail Mary reflecting just how desperate they are.

You are, in this moment, exactly who you were yesterday.  Don’t take any ownership of anything put upon you.  Additionally, look around, and do not do anything to support COVID compliance operators in any area of your local society.

Live bigly and organize your personal life for maximum freedom.   Keep the mindset of an insurgent, and do not allow them to steal your peace of mind.

It’s their change. To the extent you can avoid it, don’t accept it.

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