Watch Farkas Spying Admission Plus Democrat Plot To Force Trump On Taxes

What she did was totally illegal and because she is a Demorat nothing will be done to her, just like Hillary.

tomfernandez28's Blog

By Rick Wells

Evelyn Farkas, the libtard who admitted to working to undermine the incoming President, to spying on him and his staff and to committing what are likely seditious felonies in the process, is a longtime political tool, as was noted in the introduction by Mika Brzezinski.

Farkas was also somehow involved in a WMD commission, though Mika’s mumbling made it difficult to ascertain the specifics. It doesn’t really matter, she’s a hopeless libtard who went too far and, enamored with the bright lights and Mika’s star power, spilled the beans on the entire illicit Obama Lynch Brennan operation. Every good Democrat scandal needs a name to identify it, how about the farkas fracas for this one?

The Democrats and their partners in crime at MSNBC were laying out their plans for the next unfounded attack on the President, the “maybe his taxes” scheme, since the maybe Russia…

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