After Brexit, Likely Frexit – Hungary, Poland Threatened With Expulsion By Vindictive EU

The EU will be gone by the end of 2018

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By Rick Wells

The Brits have got to be feeling better about their decision to restore their own sovereignty through Brexit. Every day it is increasingly looking like a wise decision that should be emulated by other EU nations. While France will have that opportunity soon in their elections, with a victory by Marine Le Pen meaning exactly that, Hungary and Poland are being nudged rather forcefully in that direction as well.

Both nations have refused to comply with EU dictates to accept the relocation of 160,000 dependent Islamic invaders within their borders. The bully nations of the EU who want to dictate domestic policy, to impose suicidal actions upon those countries with rational national security and self-interest policies on immigration, are preparing an ultimatum of submit or get out. They must decide whether to surrender to the imposition of an invading foreign, non-assimilating, agitating element within their society, one…

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One comment on “After Brexit, Likely Frexit – Hungary, Poland Threatened With Expulsion By Vindictive EU

  1. It’s an interesting possibility BUT ultimately all the EU states have become dependent on grants, loans, and handouts.
    Thus to leave would incur a long term financial penalty.

    Does sovereignty and national pride have a price?
    I’d like to say no but I live in the real world where politicians and big business look after themselves first, the people second.


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