Venezuela On The Brink – Images and Video…

The media is downplaying, and in most cases ignoring, the extreme nature of the crisis currently going on in socialist Venezuela under the Maduro regime.  Most of the cries for help are from people begging the international media to cover their plight.

Some of the video and photography are stunning as millions of people take to the streets to protest a collapsing economy and food shortages while being met with tanks, guns and rogue militias hired by the government.

Some of the targeted citizens appear chosen at random.  Some of the citizens are also desperate and fighting back. Warning – These images are graphic and the video feeds are also alarming.  However, the media are barely reporting on any of this, and unfortunately, it looks like things are getting worse:

This woman’s cry for freedom is heartbreaking.

As this lady and her family was filming the armed official shooting in the street, he turned and shot at her in her home.

So much tear gas has been deployed people are fleeing their homes amid the confrontations.  The local district medical units appear overwhelmed, and also fearful of being targeted.

This woman was shot in her home by either militia or Venezuelan guards.

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