Local Police Writing Tickets for Anything

COMMENT: Hi Martin

Message from the UK.

My brother went into town, and he put a cigarette out on the pavement.

Because he took 2 steps away from it before picking it up, he was told,

“l believe it was your intention to walk away instead of putting it in the bin”

Of which his response was, you just saw me pick it up and put it in the bin

They fined him on the spot 80 pounds.


REPLY: Local governments are the worst. They will be attacking people for anything and everything to fine them. Another person wrote in that they were fined for pouring a coffee in the street drain $100. I mention when I parked at Starbucks in a private parking lot, the first car was over the space line so every other car was slightly over by about 12 inches. I came out and there was the cop pulled in behind everyone so you could not leave and gave everyone parking tickets on private property. Totally illegal. But you pay $75 for the fine or take a day off from work. They know what they are doing.

A friend was given a ticket for looking at their cell phone while at a red light. They went to court to prove they were not texting or talking. They looked at Google Maps. The Judge said you are not even allowed to look at your phone and fined the $250.

This is insane for it cannot continue like this without causing society to just snap. This is how revolutions are formed. Those who work for government become abusive and arrogant. They end up becoming the criminals

One comment on “Local Police Writing Tickets for Anything

  1. Personally, I am much more afraid of cops than I am criminals. Over the course of my life I have never been mugged or had anything worth mentioning stolen by a criminal. On the other hand, I have had three serious interactions with police and the criminal injustice system where the cops lied through their teeth, prosecutors trample the Constitution, and judges encourage and condone these behaviors.

    I would feel much safer living next to a Hell’s Angels clubhouse than a police station. I have experience with both and when it comes to honor, integrity, and plain basic decentness the cops don’t even compete. Bikers will not fuck with you unless you fuck with them, live and let live. Cops will fuck with you just for fun, the definition of sociopath.

    Did you know it is deemed Constitutional that an individual can be too smart to be a cop? Look up the SCOTUS case from New London, CT. The fact that your local police department is staffed with low IQ sociopaths is not an accident. It goes hand in hand with the militarization of your local police force. Think about it before the tree of liberty dies completely.


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