May Forms Government To Retain Power in Britain

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has at last secured a governing majority in the UK Parliament by agreeing to spend £1 billion on top of £500 million previously promised to Northern Ireland. Of course the stability of the May government going forward will be delicate as Jeremy Corbyn does his best to bring down the May government and seize control for Labour.

The deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will provide its 10 members to back May’s minority government over the Queen’s Speech. This will relate to the national security of Britain and maintain Brexit. Theresa May made the public statement:

“I welcome this agreement which will enable us to work together in the interest of the whole United Kingdom, give us the certainty we require as we embark on our departure from the European Union, and help us build a stronger and fairer society at home.”

2 comments on “May Forms Government To Retain Power in Britain

  1. May won the election but not enough to govern.
    So she has just bought the necessary votes from a smaller political party using ‘the peoples money’ to increase ‘grants’ to the area they work in, Northern Ireland.

    But how exactly is that a clear mandate to govern by the people?
    How exactly was that democracy?

    Many think this government won’t last the full term.
    I’m not sure about that but I’m thinking that Theresa May won’t last much longer as there is talk in the media and “The house” about candidates for her job. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

    The only problem after that thought is:-
    Can any of the political factions within the UK be deemed as ‘fit to rule’.

    If no one can answer that, you have to question the whole idea of the UK’s notion of government because at this moment it’s not so much of who you fear, loath, or admire, more the lesser of multiple evils that gains power.

    Or the richest and best connected.


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