Trouble in Vegas – Clark County Commission Declares COVID Misinformation A Public Health Emergency

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 22, 2021 | Sundance | 62 Comments

In reality, “misinformation” and “disinformation” doesn’t exist – there is just information you accept, and information you do not accept.  You were not born with the requirement to believe everything you are told. Rather, you were born with a brain that allows you to process the information you receive.

That said, the Clark County commission in Nevada voted today to establish “COVID misinformation” as a public health emergency, clearing the way for the largest (and most notoriously corrupt) county in Nevada to create ordinances blocking any form of speech they consider adverse to their approved narrative.

NEVADA – […] The resolution doesn’t define what misinformation means but would dedicate the commission to fighting and limiting the spread of misinformation.

The resolution passed and it was drafted by commissioners who said the pandemic has had a great impact on the health, safety, and economy of southern Nevada as 397,788 people have been infected and 6,604 people have died due to the virus as of Sept. 1.

The resolution doesn’t have the same effect as an ordinance, as it’s not legally binding, but it could clear the way for commissioners to take more concrete actions in later meetings. (read more)Posted in CDCCoronavirusDem HypocrisyProfessional Idiotspropaganda

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