Macron Tells Biden to Rethink Energy Plans

Armstrong Economics Blog/Energy Re-Posted Jun 30, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

French President Emmanuel Macron pulled US President Joe Biden aside at the G7 summit to explain a few basic facts. Biden has been demanding Middle Eastern nations ramp up their oil and gas production to help offset the energy crisis his administration has created. It’s ok to drill and take from the environment as long as it is not on US soil.

A reporter recorded Macron explaining to Biden that the United Arab Emirates is already at maximum capacity and cannot produce more oil. He also told him that begging the Saudis for oil was a lost cause too. These were the only two OPEC nations left that the US thought it could tap into for more oil.

Journalist Michael Shellenberger tweeted part of the exchange between the US and French leaders: “I had a call with MBZ,” Macron said. (MBZ is the leader of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.) “He told me two things. I’m at a maximum [production capacity] and [the] Saudis can increase by 150 [thousands barrels per day].”

Reporters were visibly in earshot when Macron spoke to Biden, which seems like a strategic move. It is a not-so-subtle effort to explain to the US, as the world is watching, that they have the power to ramp up production on its own without grappling for help from other nations.

The Biden Administration Deliberately Destroyed Our Capacity to Produce Energy

Armstrong Economics Blog/Energy Re-Posted May 24, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Everyone who voted for Biden will continue to see their future utterly destroyed. The climate change people are deliberately destroying the capacity to produce energy without any alternative in place. The word from DC is that they “do not give a sh-t” about the people. They want to destroy our ability to produce fossil fuels before they are thrown out of office if that is even possible.

Alaskan Senator Sullivan explains that the Biden Administration is DELIBERATELY creating an energy crisis and then wants to blame oil companies and Putin. Senator Sullivan explains what Biden has done in just the last three weeks.

Then at the same time, they want farmers to grow only green crops and terminate beef production. The Neocons want to wage war against Russian and China. And nobody stands up and asks – “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

Zelenskyy Gives British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a Guided Tour of The Great Western Battle to Save Kyiv

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 9, 2022 | Sundance

To get a better context for the catastrophic and dangerous war zone that is Ukraine, yesterday European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Commission Vice President Josep Borrell Fontelles visited President Zelenskyy in Kyiv {link}.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to affirm the intent of the EU to accept Zelenskyy into the Union.

Earlier today, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also went into the war zone, toured the extreme chaos and battleground, and met with Zelenskyy (video below).

(Via MSM) – The UK is to send 120 armored vehicles and new anti-ship missile systems to Ukraine, Downing Street announced Saturday, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid an in-person visit to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Johnson and Austria’s Chancellor Karl Nehammer made separate visits to Zelensky on Saturday, the latest in a string of leaders to travel to the country during the ongoing Russian invasion.

Johnson posted on Twitter that his visit to Kyiv was “a show of our unwavering support for the people of Ukraine” and announced a new package of financial and military aid.

“Ukraine has defied the odds and pushed back Russian forces from the gates of Kyiv, achieving the greatest feat of arms of the 21st century,” the UK PM said in a statement.

He praised Zelensky’s “resolute leadership” and the “invincible heroism and courage of the Ukrainian people,” adding that the UK “stands unwaveringly with them in this ongoing fight … we are in it for the long run.”  Later in his nightly address posted on social media, Zelensky thanked the UK and Johnson. (read more)

As seen in video promoted by the NATO alliance, Johnson and Zelenskyy ignored the threat of bombs, missiles and artillery that could be raining down upon them, and bravely walked without flak jackets, vests or even helmets despite the chaos.

Unfortunately, the cinematography produced by the western NATO alliance failed to capture the smell of burning diesel fuel from the aftermath of hundreds of tanks and weeks of street-to-street urban warfare.  However, it does appear that Johnson was prepared for hand-to-hand combat if any angry shopkeeper stepped out of line.   Courage is, as they say, contagious.  Footage below:

The Myth of Green Energy

Published originally on Rumple by Energycademy  on January 31, 2022

This video looks at the official definition of green energy and critically examines how well solar and wind energy, two of the most popular form of green energy, match the official definition.

#greenenergy #solarenergy #windenergy #cleanenergy

One in Five of Americans Broke Before Payday

Armstrong Economics Blog/Inflation Re-Posted Apr 1, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Inflation is at a 40-year high with no indication of slowing. People are feeling the lower buying power of the USD as one in five Americans now run out of liquid funds before payday, according to a survey by Salary Finance as reported by CNBC. Over three-quarters stated that they have been feeling the effects of inflation this past year. Around 20% of the 3,000 respondents said that they run out of money between paychecks, marking a 15% uptick since 2021.

Around 25% are finding it difficult to afford essential items such as food, gas, and health care. The price of automobiles is at an all-time high due to the chip shortage, and gas prices seem to rise daily. One-third polled cannot afford to put any money toward savings, and those who can likely are contributing less.

Without savings, the possibility of homeownership is out of reach for many. Housing prices increased over 7.02% since 2020, according to the Labor Department, but that is factoring in prices across the board. In reality, any desirable area costs more.

Although wages have increased around 5%, the cost of living surpasses any additional funds. Let’s not forget that taxes have not decreased either and those in charge are continuously planning to spend money on agendas that do not promote the taxpayers’ quality of life. Gone are the days when lower to middle-income Americans could work hard and afford a comfortable life; people are simply trying to stay afloat.

(Fed Chair Powell admitting inflation was no longer “transitory” in November 2021)

International Monetary Fund Warns Russian Sanctions Will Undermine U.S. Dollar Global Dominance as Trade Currency

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 31, 2022 

Comrade rebels, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Deputy Managing Director says the sanctions against Russia are likely to undermine the US dollar’s global dominance as a trade currency.

As we have outlined, this is ultimately the counter strategic goal of Russia and Putin’s economic allies.  It’s a feature, not a flaw, in the process that Joe Biden has triggered.

(Inside Paper) – […] “The dollar would remain the major global currency even in that landscape, but fragmentation at a smaller level is certainly quite possible,” Gopinath said in an interview with the Financial Times.  She went on to say that some countries have already begun to renegotiate the currency in which they are paid for trade.

According to Gopinath, the drastic restrictions imposed by Western countries in response to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine may result in the formation of small currency blocs based on trade between individual groups of countries.  Furthermore, the use of currencies other than the dollar or the euro in global trade would result in a further diversification of central banks’ reserve assets. (read more)

This outcome, in combination with the realization the western alliance will also necessarily lose leverage for their climate change goals, is ultimately what triggered the G7 energy ministers to demand that Russia continue using euros and dollars.

The efforts of NATO and the western alliance to crush the Russian currency have failed.  The Russian ruble currency has jumped back from the sanctions and is now even stronger than before the sanctions were put into place.  Now, with demands that Europe pay for oil and gas in rubles, Europe and the western alliance find themselves in a position of vulnerability.

With China and India supporting ongoing trade with Russia, and with Saudi Arabia responding coldly to the U.S. working on a deal with Iran for nuclear weapons, the geopolitical strategy of NATO, G7 and the proverbial western alliance increasingly looks like it will backfire.

Meanwhile, Putin’s domestic favorability within Russia is climbing as the Wall Street Journal noted:

(Wall Street Journal) – President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating in Russia has soared since he launched his invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24—to 83% from 71% last month—according to independent Russian pollster Levada Center.

Surveys by Levada Center and state-backed pollsters indicate that around two-thirds of Russians back Mr. Putin’s war, which the Kremlin refers to as a special military operation. Experts have cautioned against taking current Russian polls on face value, given that Russian authorities have pursued a crackdown against dissent, including a media blackout of any reports contrary to the Kremlin’s narrative about Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Mr. Putin’s approval rating had for the past few years hovered in the 60s, according to Levada, which has tracked the longtime Russian leader’s rating since he became prime minister in 1999.

[…] Levada, which was designated a foreign agent by Russian authorities, also found that the percentage of Russians who believe the country is moving in the right direction increased since the war began: 69% of Russians now believe Russia is headed in the right direction, compared with 52% in February and 50% in January, the poll showed. (link)

Who knew fracturing the globalist ‘new world order‘ alliance would be so popular?  Apparently, the timing was perfect.

When you consider the same leaders within the western alliance have been acting as authoritarian dictators for the past two years, with their COVID rules, mandates, fiats and unilateral decrees that undermined the “democratic norms and rule-based order” they claimed to represent, it is not a surprise to see them standing naked to their enemies.

The western leaders have no credibility to stand atop their soapboxes and rail against autocracy when they have been acting like autocratic dictators for the past two years.   Their proclamations are falling on the deaf ears of the citizens they abused.

Embracing tyranny has consequences.

Unified Message From White House and Democrats – Save the Planet, Crush the Middle Class, Eliminate Use of Oil for Energy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 31, 2022 | Sundance

In an effort to take advantage of the energy crisis they have created, the entirety of the Democrat political apparatus is singing in unison.  WATCH these three soundbites from today (30 seconds each):

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said we can’t let higher gas prices be an “excuse” to produce more American energy…

President Joe Biden’s director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese said we need to do everything we can to reduce and eliminate fossil fuels


President Joe Biden’s White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said fossil fuels are “not sustainable”…


The federal takeover of healthcare, via Obamacare, was the ‘big move in Obama’s first term’.

The federal takeover of all energy production and delivery, via climate change ideology, is the ‘big move in Obama’s third term.’

Biden Announces Plan to Lower Gasoline Cost, Release 1 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day for Next Six Months From Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 31, 2022 

The White House occupant took to the literal stage today to gaslight the American people and state it is not his energy policy that has created massive increases in gas prices.  Instead, chief of staff Ron Klain has convinced the puppet to claim Vladimir Putin is to blame for the increase in oil costs.

The manipulative effort to distract the nation from his energy and economic policy outcomes is brazen. However, like most things recently, the blame-casting is likely to be believed by approximately 25% of Americans.

In an attempt to slow down the rising price of gasoline, the puppet on the stage-set near the white house, announced a plan to release 1 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve every day for the next six months. {Details}

As admitted, the goal is to “bridge the gap.” Unfortunately, most will not recognize exactly what the destination is on the other side of the bridge.

Inflation is a measure of price at a moment in time relative to the same time one year ago.  Ron Klain is trying to keep the tar and feathers away until the White House policy team can cycle through the inflation comparison to the fall of 2022. That’s when the comparison flips to comparing prices to the fall of 2021.

Prices skyrocketed in the last half of 2021. If Ron Klain can keep the electoral torches from reaching the White House until the fall of 2022, the rate of inflation will look better because they will be comparing this year’s high prices to last year’s high prices. The rate of change will lessen; the rate of inflation will look better.  Unfortunately, the high prices will remain – forever.

WATCH (prompted):


Biden on stage.  Once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can never return to that moment in the performance when you did not see them.

Weaponizing Russian Energy

Armstrong Economics Blog/Energy Re-Posted Mar 30, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

In an attempt to boost the ruble and avoid sanctions, Russia will stop accepting payments in dollars and euros from “unfriendly countries.” India is on board and willing to change to a SWIFT alternative to easily convert rupees to rubles. The G7 has declared that they will not pay for gas in rubles. “[A]ll G-7 ministers agreed completely that this (would be) a one-sided and clear breach of the existing contracts,” German energy minister Robert Habeck stated. “Payment in ruble is not acceptable, and we will urge the companies affected not to follow Putin’s demand,” Habeck said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “we clearly aren’t going to supply gas for free” and Russia would not “engage in charity for Europe.” Europe’s pipeline systems are largely connected so it would be difficult to cut off flows to individual nations within the continent. Gazprom, the largest supplier of gas from Russia, has been notified. The company provided “unfriendly countries” with around 70% of exports in 2021 totaling $69 billion.

The contracts are already in order. “I want to emphasize that Russia will definitely continue to supply natural gas in line with the volumes and prices and pricing mechanisms set forth in the existing contracts,” Putin said as he knows that gas exports are essential to the Russian economy. “It’s pretty clear that it makes no sense for us to supply our goods to the European Union, to the U.S. and receive payments in dollars, euros, other currencies,” Putin also stated.

Europe still imports 40% of gas and 25% of oil from Russia. Since the Kremlin is open to all possible outcomes, Europe is preparing for gas shortages. Germany, the largest importer of Russian gas, has asked some energy companies to be aware of possible shortages. The current contracts in place should be safe if Putin keeps his promise, but then a real problem will arise.

Premier of Alberta Calls on Biden to Reimplement Keystone XL Project

Armstrong Economics Blog/Energy Re-Posted Mar 21, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta, Canada, is calling upon President Joe Biden to reimplement the Keystone XL pipeline project. “If President Biden had not vetoed that project, it would be done later this year – 840,000 barrels of democratic energy that could have displaced the 600,000 plus barrels of Russian conflict oil that’s filled with the blood of Ukrainians,” Kenney stated. Kenney seems confident that the project could be completed by Q1 2023.

“None of this makes sense, so I will be speaking truth to power in the bluntest terms possible,” Kenney said. “If the U.S. administration wanted instead of going cap in hand to the Venezuela, Saudi and Iranian dictatorships to replace Russian conflict oil, we could turn this around, I believe in less than a year,” the premier stated. Meanwhile, the White House maintains that America should simply reduce its reliance on fossil fuels when there are no other alternatives available.

These nations might as well continue purchasing gas from Russia opposed to funneling money to other dictatorships. Kenney also noted how Canada was supposed to be America’s closest ally. Maduro of Venezuela hates the US and is an illegitimate leader. Both Venezuela and Saudi Arabia have asked the US for help in recent years, and none was provided. Iran is one of the world’s top funders of terrorism and turning to them should be considered a threat to national security.

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